Durable socks

Hard-wearing yarn made from extra-long, Egyptian cotton fibres and nylon, intense colours thanks to dyeing before weaving and decades of Italian know-how. The result: ultra durable socks with a long life expectancy! Tested for Martindale abrasion resistance.


Solid socks : extreme durability

A long-term solution to ripped socks

Durable socks can be rewarded with an exceptional lifespan and optimal comfort. To express our confidence in the resistance of our Long Life socks, we have submitted them to an independent lab for a Martindale test. This test simulates an excessive abrasion in the most fragile areas of socks, namely the heel and the tip. And the result is overwhelming: our Long Life socks have a Martindale index above 10,000 cycles.

At the material department, we have chosen to work with the GIZA 86 Egyptian, an extremely rare cotton growing only in a specific region of the Nile, in order to an incomparable softness. The cotton of our durable socks is certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, Traceability and Fashion, Tessile e Salute, Bettercotton and Cotton for Life, guaranteed without treatment harmful to health and the environment.

To reinforce the strength of our Long Life socks, we chose to add nylon, perfectly complementing the cotton and adding thickness to the socks. Nylon is a synthetic fiber, appreciated for its strength and silk like appearance. For this purpose, it is mainly used for clothing that we need to be especially hard-wearing such as women’s tights, sportswear or windbreaker.

Traditional manufacturing in our trusted atelier in Italy

Because we don’t change a winning team, our Long Life socks are made in Piedmont, Italy, the same atelier as all our other socks. This family run workshop, specialized in sock knitting, benefits from a unique savoir-faire that has been passed down from generation to generation for over 60 years. A little glimpse of this expertise? The hand-linked tip! This is the last stage of sock manufacturing and, done by hand, increases the comfort and resistance of our socks.

durable socks

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