Men's cotton lisle sneaker socks - Elegance and comfort at your feet

Sneaker socks

Our range of cotton lisle sneaker socks, combining elegance and durability for your feet.

The sneaker sock, the discreet sock 

Discover our sock collection featuring cotton lisle, organic cotton, linen, and even cashmere.  

What are "sneaker sock"?

The origin of the term "sneaker sock" dates back to 17th-century French. The word "sneaker sock" is derived from the word "soc",' which meant at that time a type of lightweight shoe or sock. Over time, "sneaker sock" evolved to specifically refer to a short sock that covers the foot up to the ankle or slightly below, in contrast to longer socks that go higher on the leg.

The use of the term "sneaker sock" has spread to describe this type of short sock, especially in the context of fashion and clothing. Thus, "sneaker sock" has become a commonly used term to refer to a low-height sock, often worn with low-cut shoes, sneakers, or loafers, where it is preferable to leave the ankle exposed.

socquette homme origine

What are quality sneaker socks?

The excellence of lisle cotton sneaker socks lies in their exceptional Italian origin. Made in Italy, the cradle of quality craftsmanship, these sneaker socks are meticulously crafted in the Piedmont region, between Milan and Lake Maggiore. Our hosiery manufacturer, with over 60 years of experience in crafting men's socks and managed by the second generation of the same family, embodies an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Each pair is meticulously crafted from Egyptian cotton, a material known for its softness and durability.

Lisle cotton, used to reinforce the sneaker socks, is a clever treatment of pure cotton threads that ensures greater durability and better color retention. Additionally, the manufacturing machine, equipped with 40 more needles than traditional machines, provides unmatched softness and finesse. The weekly set includes five pairs of lisle cotton sneaker socks in summer colors, combining style and everyday comfort.


When should you wear sneaker socks?

Sneaker socks are an essential choice for the modern man, offering unparalleled versatility. When the weather gets warmer, they're perfect for pairing with your favorite low-cut shoes and sneakers, keeping you cool while adding a touch of invisible style. For formal occasions where discretion is key, opt for no-show sneaker socks that seamlessly blend into your dress shoes. But don't limit yourself to traditional occasions! Fancy sneaker socks are a great way to express your personality in more casual moments, adding a splash of color or fun patterns to your feet. 


Why wear sneaker socks?

The benefits of men's sneaker socks go beyond mere appearance. They are designed to provide optimal comfort, preventing friction and irritation, making them an ideal choice for active days. Their ankle height makes them perfect for all seasons, keeping you warm in winter while remaining lightweight and breathable in summer. Moreover, thanks to Scottish yarn, these socks maintain their vibrant colors longer and are more resistant to wear and tear. Whether it's for a formal or casual outfit, sneaker socks are an essential addition to every modern man's wardrobe, combining style, comfort, and functionality.