Classic cufflinks - French elegance

Classic cufflinks

A little riddle: My qualities: discreet and elegant. My colour: gold or silver. My advantage: I’m perfect for any colour shirt and tie. Who am I?

Why you should wear cufflinks

Since the 17th century cufflinks have adorned men's sleeves. At the beginning they were only intended for the elite, but since the 19th century cufflinks have also been popular with the masses. Hardly 50 years ago cufflinks could be found on almost every shirt and in the 60s they became the sign of a style-conscious man. Little by little cuff links disappeared into the furthest corner of the wardrobe. In the meantime, cufflinks have become an aid to setting oneself in the limelight and give every outfit the necessary touch of elegance. A tuxedo is only complete if it is combined with a pair of classic cufflinks.

Choose the right themes

On festive and ceremonial occasions you can rely on wearing classic cufflinks. They are an excellent way to round off your outfit and are a discreet accessory for such occasions. For less formal occasions we recommend a pair of unusual cufflinks, for example with symbols or funny sayings. Wedding cufflinks are perfect for the next wedding. Don't forget your cufflinks for your next party! With "Drink Wine and Save Water" cufflinks or hop cufflinks you will be the centre of attention at the next party.

Just stay calm

If this is your first pair of cufflinks that you want to buy, you've come to the right place in the classic cufflinks category. You don't have to jump into the cold water to put yourself in a bowl, you just need the right pair of cufflinks. To be on the safe side and to be able to guarantee you look good in every occasion, we advise you to use classic cuff links. From wood, gemstones, engraving to silver cuff links - they will be right. Your small but elegant accessory will help you to be secure and confident and you will feel "dressed up to the Nines".

Combining classic cufflinks

If you're still unsure whether cufflinks are your favorite accessory, we'll encourage you once again. No matter which occasion, cufflinks always have space and enhance your outfit. You are on the safe side with a plain tie or bow tie, you are also welcome to combine colours, but you should always keep a neutral eye on your outfit. Trust your gut feeling and we assure you, with cufflinks from this category you can do nothing wrong!