White reverse collar with blue stripes oxford shirt
Limited edition

White reverse collar with blue stripes oxford shirt

The lightness of summer fabrics paired with elegant flair

  • The Oxford blue striped shirt is made from woven cotton fibre. This weave gives the shirt its depth. The more matte, worn-in effect creates a more raw appearance, while at the same time retaining its elegant look.
  • The reverse collar doesn't require any accessories in order for it to stand out; it's worn with neither tie nor bow-tie and its straight panels give the shirt its clean, modern look. The reverse collar is perfect with a chino for your weekend outfits or with a suit for "Casual Fridays" at the office.


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79 €

100% Cotton
Weight: 137g/m2
Genuine shell buttons, crossed stitched
Made in a traditional European workshop
French seams, with 7 stitches per centimeter
Hidden placket
The collar is strengthened thanks to a suitable interlining
Small cuff: 50 mm
Reverse collar, 40 mm high

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chemise d'été homme

Polo v2

No reason to lose your sense of style in summertime

Sophistication and lightness

One of the main requirements for a summer shirt is definitely the use of breathable materials that allow fresh air to flow through. When developing our summer shirts, we did not forget the sophisticated and graceful look that characterizes our vision of menswear! With a relaxed casual chic look, our new shirts in refined and casual fabrics will be easy to wear as we head towards vacation. We aimed to infuse a chic vibe while maintaining the versatility of comfortable shirts. Complete by modern, minimal collars, these five summer shirts will let you breathe freely yet still fit nicely.

Stay on top of your style during summer

How to properly wear a shirt in summer? Especially when the weather is hot, it could be a real challenge. Opting for light and comfortable fabrics is a smart strategy to avoid sweating even before putting on your shirt. Therefore, we have selected breathable materials and favored fine weaves, allowing a better evacuation of heat. These shirts are perfect for a summer look and will match perfectly with a chino and a pair of loafers to enjoy a fun barbecue party by the pool. To round out a casual outfit, remember to combine your summer shirt with a pair of sneakers and your best pair of sunglasses... It's time for patio parties and barbecues with friends!

chemise d'été homme

chemises safari beige

Natural fabrics in comfortable textiles


It is impossible to mention breathable summer fabrics without a single word about linen! Mixed with cotton or used in a fabric entirely made from this eco-responsible fiber, linen brings a note of relaxation to a casual chic shirt. Its thermoregulating properties are a major benefit when the thermometer rises. Linen is also easy to care for thanks to its soft fibers that don't wrinkle too much.


Cotton is known for its softness and absorbent properties for shirts to be suitable for the summer season. Giza 87 is a particularly valuable cotton variety, grown in the favourable climatic conditions of the Nile Delta region. The fibers of this exceptional cotton are longer than average, measuring about 35 mm, offering superior strength. Besides its softness and preciousness, Giza 87 gives the fabric an unparalleled brightness and shine.

Summer elegance

Lightweight, elegantly styled shirts that are ideal for warm summer days.

  • chemise estivale homme
  • chemise estivale homme
  • chemise estivale homme
  • chemise estivale homme
  • chemise estivale homme
  • chemise estivale homme
  • chemise estivale homme
  • chemise estivale homme

Five summer shirts in casual chic design

chemises lin homme

Blue stripe reverse collar shirt

With stripes that are a little thicker than our band shirt, this striped reverse collar design is the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated. Made from 117g/m2 lightweight cotton oxford by Tessitura Monti, it's the perfect shirt to bring out for the summer months. Woven in a braided weave with a white cotton thread for the weft and light blue for the warp, this oxford is ideal for the upcoming warm season. However, its thin vertical stripes are a discreet pattern that is easy to wear and will blend in with many outfits. Thanks to its minimalist reverse collar, you can wear this shirt with a chino for an afterwork as well as with jeans on the weekend... and why not even with a suit jacket!

Light blue mandarin collar shirt in cotton and linen

The mandarin collar of this informal shirt has become more and more popular in the past few years. This model is popular during the summer season for its versatility, which goes equally well with a chino or shorts. Minimalist and modern, this light blue mandarin collar shirt in a cotton and linen blend combines strength and flexibility while maintaining the authentic look of its light weave. This shirt is a great choice for summer, combining elegance, casualness, and comfort. With its short collar, this versatile shirt is suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

chemises homme paris

chemises homme paris

White cotton and linen reverse collar shirt

According to our experience, cotton and linen form a successful partnership. While the cotton brings a particular softness to the shirt, the linen adds a touch of casualness and freshness. The balance between these two natural materials is achieved by a subtle blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton from Tessitura Monti. Another advantage of linen fibers is that they allow this white reverse collar shirt to retain its shape after washing. The lack of visible buttons on the front is called "hidden throat": this feature reveals its clean casual chic side, which will be suitable to bring out the sun-kissed tone of the summer vacations.

Blue stripes band collar shirt

The double-twisted Egyptian cotton poplin fabric was made by one of Europe's leading weavers, Albini. Lightweight and very comfortable to wear directly on the skin, this summer shirt is woven from Giza 87, which is the name of an Egyptian cotton of incomparable quality. Giza 87 cotton is only sourced from a very specific region of the Nile Delta, where the climate is optimal for its long, silky fibers, averaging 35mm in length. The fine blue stripes give this shirt a chic casual look, enhanced by a white contrast collar for a refined touch.

chemises homme paris

chemises lin homme

Dark blue linen reverse collar shirt

Made from a 100% linen fabric, this dark blue reverse collar shirt is a must-have for anyone who loves fine shirts with absorbent properties. Its airy and solid linen weave helps regulate body temperature, one of the main concerns when summer comes. The casual and timeless design of the reverse collar is highlighted by this deep dark blue, which adds an extra casual touch different from the white shirt. The reverse collar is one of the most contemporary collars, fitting all body types with a casual yet elegant look.

Italian fabrics with a nice and soft touch

Manufacturing quality fabrics requires knocking on the right doors. That's why we chose the masters of cotton and linen, the Italian houses Albini and Tessitura Monti, to select the best fabrics. Renowned for their expertise in cotton and linen, these major weavers use top-of-the-line raw materials, such as Giza 87 cotton or cotton oxford weaving. The creativity and consistency of the fabrics reflect the high standards of these two Italian houses.

chemise d'été

coupe chemise

The quality oh a traditional, European manufacture

Made with love for a traditional craft

Made with care in our shirt atelier in Romania, our shirt are made with the highest attention to detail by our shirt artisans. Since 2016, we have entrusted the realisation of our designs to this manufacturer, who is ISO 9001 and OEKO-TEX SteP certified and passes on its centuries-old expertise over generations.

The quality pledge of our dress shirts

As with our other shirts, quality workmanship is paramount, so that you can enjoy your new garment for years to come. This includes:

- solid French seams with 7 stitches per cm,

- hem gussets reinforcing the side seams,

- genuine mother-of-pearl buttons sewn in a cross-stitch,

- and a final horizontal buttonhole to avoid unwanted openings.

A modern fit

Elegance close to the body

Our shirts are designed to add elegance to both your formal and casual outfits. This is reflected in our modern cuts: starting from regular, our shirts are fitted and cut close to the body. Our slim and extra slim fits are even more figure-hugging on chest, waist and hips. Find out how to correctly take your measurements, as well as the detailed sizing information of our shirts in our size guide!

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