Face mask houndstooth pattern light blue
Limited edition

Face mask houndstooth pattern light blue

The goal: to trick the virus elegantly.

Three-layer protective face masks, reusable and washable, with nose clip for optimal face adjustment.

Designed according to the recommendations of the French Institute for Standardization (AFNOR):
Three layers of fabric for optimal protection and comfort. The outer layer acts as a first barrier against particles, while the inner layer guarantees maximum comfort. The polypropylene intermediate layer acts as a filter: it is the same material used for surgical masks.

1st outer layer: 100% cotton poplin OEKO-TEX®
2nd intermediate layer: polypropylene meltblown fabric Fitesa
3rd inner layer: 100% cotton poplin OEKO-TEX®

A high-quality production and a solidarity project: the masks are made in our tie atelier in southern Italy from the fabric leftovers of our shirts or our Liberty ties.

Available in three different sizes, for the protection of all family members: 

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9 €

Elegant protective face masks for everyday life.
The protective masks do not release the wearer from the obligation to comply with the regulations on social distance.

Made in Italy: Our tie manufacturer, master craftsman of needle and thread, has exchanged silk for cotton and wool interlining for polypropylene filter to make our reusable face masks.

Children: 15 cm x 7 cm 
Women/teens: 16 x 8 cm
Men: 19 cm x 9 cm 

1st fabric layer outside: 100% cotton poplin OEKO-TEX®
2nd intermediate layer: polypropylene meltblown fabric Fitesa
3rd layer of fabric inside: 100% cotton poplin OEKO-TEX®

Product excluded from exchange and returns.
Please note that these masks do not meet medical needs.

You have 14 days after receiving your order to return your purchases, and request an exchange or refund. An explanatory form which you simply fill will be attached to your order

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masque barriere

Is the protective face mask the new fashion accessory of 2020?

We prefer keeping this debate short: The forced wearing of a mouth-and-nose protection will always be a restriction of personal and stylistic freedom and, despite colourful, creative masks, not a long-term, fashionable pleasure.

Nevertheless, these masks will accompany us regularly in the future. Be it short-term, with the obligation to wear them in public transport in the weeks after the lockdown or social distancing restrictions are lifted, or even long-term, when going out in public while ill, as the Japanese have been doing for 20 years.

In these moments nobody wants to look as if they have just left the hospital! As a specialist in elegant men's accessories, we wish to make these changes and restrictions of everyday life as pleasant as possible for you by offering you a less "clinical" version of the protective face mask. It is important to us that our fabric masks are both protective and comfortable to wear and that they integrate naturally into an elegant outfit thanks to careful selection of high-quality shirt fabrics.

Elegant, reusable but above all protective face masks

Our washable and reusable fabric masks are mainly used to prevent the wearer from infecting fellow humans and the environment.

We have chosen a pleated design with two layers made from an OEKO-TEX certified cotton poplin fabric, a dense and durable yet breathable weave. In addition, we added an intermediate layer of polypropylene meltblown fabric from Fitesa, the world market leader in technical nonwovens. This polypropylene layer guarantees an optimal filtration of even the finest particles.

cravate unie

confection masques

Face masks as a symbol of support for traditional craftsmanship in times of global health and economic crisis

At the end of March, we asked our shirt manufacturer to produce protective face masks for French health workers from our fabric remnants (read the article here). Unfortunately, it was not possible to realize our request within the limited time available. In the meantime, we have found other ways to make our modest contribution to the fight against the virus: the organisation of a solidarity sale and mask donations from a Chinese partner.

With the unexpectedly long lockdown in France, we have directly witnessed the frightening economic impact the health crisis is having on the European craft industry. Italy, where we produce most of our clothing and accessories, has been particularly hard hit. In order to get their sewing machines working again, we commissioned our tie-making workshop in southern Italy to produce our protective face masks. Leftover fabric from our shirts and a selection of unused Liberty London fabrics were transformed under the seamstresses' nimble hands into protective, elegant and comfortable face masks for the whole family.

How to use face masks

The mask must be washed before each use. Before putting on a mask, wash your hands with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution.

Put the mask on so that your nose and mouth are completely covered and make sure it encloses your face well by squeezing the nose clip together. How to check if your mask is properly fitted: Breathe out firmly. If you do not feel a puff of air around your eyes, the mask is correctly put on.

Once on, you should not touch the mask again with your hands. The mask cannot be used more than once in a maximum period of 4 hours.

To remove the mask, first take off your protective gloves and wash your hands thoroughly. Do not touch the front of the mask but take it off using the elastic ear straps.

The fabric mask should then be placed in a clean plastic bag until washing.

porter un masque

How to clean a reusable face mask

Avoid contact between a used protective mask and clean clothing or objects. If you touch a worn mask, you should wash your hands afterwards or alternatively wear disposable gloves.

We recommend you wash your reusable face masks in a laundry net on a normal wash programme and a maximum temperature of 40°C. After washing, the face mask should be directly laid out or hung up to dry. It is best to iron or steam-iron your mask at approx. 120°C, after it has dried completely, to ensure better disinfection of the mask.

Do not put your protective face mask in the dryer.

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Our mission?

To design high-quality clothes and accessories that you can wear with elegance, for a long time, without ruining yourself.

We focus our energy on the quality of our materials and fabrics and the care with which our collections are made. In this context, we prefer short distribution channels and the traditional savoir-faire of ateliers and pay a particular attention to our social and environmental responsibility.

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