The organic cotton polo shirt - classic collar
Limited edition

The organic cotton polo shirt - classic collar

  • A tightly woven cotton piqué made in Italy
  • A production according to your wishes
  • A figure-hugging cut
  • The inverted collar: Our iconic collar now as a polo shirt
  • The classic polo collar reimagined
  • Navy blue or white
  • Free exchanges and returns (our polo shirts are true to size, order your usual size)
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polo maille dense


100% organic cotton that lasts more than one summer

A polo shirt is inseparable from its emblematic cotton piqué. We demand a lot from this sporty fabric: it should drape fluidly, feel pleasant on the skin, colours should stand the test of time and, above all, it should not be transparent! With these requirements in mind, we set out to find the perfect woven fabric and finally got lucky in Italy : the atelier has specialised in polo shirt fabrics for over 40 years.

Here are its main features:

- Non-transparent, dense and regular fabric with a thickness of 206 g/m2.

- Breathable and robust fabric, tested intensively by us during the long isolation in France.

- Cotton piqué dyed with a roller before production to ensure the colours do not fade after washing.

- 100% Oeko-Tex organic cotton, friendly to skin and environment.


To design this polo shirt, we have asked hundreds of our French clients for their opinion. And these were their wishes or (bad) experiences with polo shirts in the past:

your fears

your expectations

We were pleased to notice that you were very open to an original design, especially with regard to the collar. As with many of our shirts, you have eagerly supported and encouraged our drive for creativity, which is why we are giving a fresh twist to the traditional polo shirt with a modern and sophisticated inverted collar.

reverse collar

polo col inverse

Our interpretation of the modern polo shirt: the reverse collar

Casual elegance

According to your statements, you wear polo shirts mainly in your free time. And those who do not wear polo shirts find the look too classic, not original enough. As you know, we are no fan of overly eccentric designs, especially when it comes to shirt fabrics. On the other hand, we believe the shirt collar to be anything but a detail and that it can enhance or diminish the elegance of a shirt in no time. So it was a no-brainer for us to design a polo shirt with our iconic reverse collar.

A minimalistically elegant polo shirt with a reverse collar

The collar was reinforced with a special insert. We have had genuine mother-of-pearl buttons added in a cross stitch, which are hidden under the placket. At the same time we decided not to use a logo, so that the minimalist elegant design and the original collar get the full attention.

Tip: We recommend ironing the collar of the polo shirt, just like a normal shirt collar!

col inversé

classic collar reimagined

col classique

A new interpretation of a classic collar

Sporty chic

To design an elegant version of the classic polo shirt, we took inspiration on our dress shirts, all while keeping the traditional sporty-chic vibe of the polo shirt.

The result is a smart-casual polo shirt with an improved classic collar.

A perfect collar stand

To guarantee the perfect collar stand, we have placed a discreet, but no less effective, button under the collar so that it lies neatly on the shirt. A rolled-up, badly fitting collar seems to be, according to you, one of the main problems with classic polo shirts. The hidden buttons and the special inlay are our approach to remove this common issu.

As with the reverse collar, we recommend that you iron this collar as well!

col classique

2 versatile polo shirts: casual vs. elegant

Casual look

The polo shirt becomes the centrepiece of a casual outfit: it fits perfectly with your chinos, raw denims, shorts and even with your swim trunks.

Elegant look

When mixing-and-matching different styles, the polo shirt is especially interesting in formal wear and brings an equally welcome and unexpected twist. Polo shirts can be worn alone or under a blazer, whereby the structured, sporty texture of the cotton piqué creates a subtle contrast to the rest of the outfit. Just make sure the collar fits well under the lapel!

  • sneaker de ville the nines
  • sneaker de ville the nines
  • sneaker de ville the nines
  • sneaker de ville the nines



Carefully made like a dress shirt

This polo shirt has been made in our shirt making atelier in Romania with the same processing requirements as our dress shirts:

- Careful, regular and solid seams

- Short ribbed sleeves

- Mother of pearl buttons in cross stitch

An environmentally friendly polo shirt

Here are the certifications that our cotton piqué has received:

- GOTS : Global Organic Textile Standard

- OCS : Organic Content Standard

- GRS : Global Recycled Standard

A modern figure-hugging cut

Welcome to 2020

Modern and figure-hugging, what does that mean? This polo shirt is slightly taken in at the waist to avoid the unflattering potato sack effect, but at the same time it does not fit uncomfortably tight to the body. The sleeves wrap your arms loosely without leaving too much room. (After all, we have not all been blessed with strong biceps).

Stop the shrinking

With its breathable weave, cotton piqué is known to shrink when washed. During the tests we ran in our atelier, we found 5% shrinkage after the first wash and stabilisation in subsequent washes. To ensure that your shirt still fits after many years and washes, we have corrected this effect by including an additional length in our measurement chart.

Nevertheless, there is one golden rule to follow with cotton piqué: Wash your polo shirt at max. 30° C and never ever tumble dry it! If you want to shorten the shirt a little, go to the tailor of your choice if you don't want any unwanted surprises.

col classique


With pre-orders, it is a win-win situation! We do, because we only produce the quantities you pre-ordered - so we have no stock to finance and no unsold items. You, because in return for your patience we offer you a special price - thanks to our direct distribution system, the normal price of this polo shirt is already advantageous compared to an equivalent model of other brands; the reduced pre-order price makes this polo shirt an affordable summer staple piece! And finally the environment, because by matching production exactly to demand, we avoid overproduction and overconsumption. Of course we produce slightly more than the quantities ordered, so you can exchange the size of your polo if necessary.

More than just your regular polo shirt

more than just your regular polo shirt

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