The wrinkle resistant shirt - Club collar light blue
Club collar light blue

The wrinkle resistant shirt - Club collar light blue

Club collar shirt in light blue two-ply twill.

  • A 100% natural, wrinkle resistant shirt from the Journey fabric range by Thomas Mason
  • Premium extra long staple cotton (ELS) from Egypt: silky, durable and luminous
  • An anti-crease treatment based on eco-friendly products
  • A very easy-care fabric with a natural feel and high wearing comfort
  • A traditional European production
  • Careful finishing: French seams, hem gussets, stainless steel collar stays, genuine mother-of-pearl buttons in cross stitch
  • Three modern fits: regular, slim and extra-slim


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129 €

Genuine shell buttons, crossed stitched
Made in a traditional European workshop
French seams, with 7 stitches per centimeter
100% cotton from the Journey range by Thomas Mason
Stainless steel collar stays
Small cuff
Club collar

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Know more


The complicated history of the non-iron shirt

If there is one thing frustrating men (and women) who wear dress shirts on a daily basis, it is the tedious task of ironing or the weekly trip to the dry-cleaners and the unpleasant surprises that may come with it. So, for more than 50 years, the hunt and offers of so-called "non-iron shirts" has been increasing. A non-iron shirt promises its happy owner to spare him all ironing work. Unfortunately, the owner is all too often disappointed for one of two reasons: either the shirt does not keep its promise and still shows wrinkles after washing, or it is "rigid as cardboard". Truth be told, there is no such thing as a beautiful, high-quality non-iron shirt! Or it's made of a rigid material that doesn't feel comfortable, based on chemicals that cause the cotton to lose its natural softness.

Wrinkle resistant shirt Thomas Mason

Wrinkle resistant shirt Thomas Mason

The happy end of the non-iron shirt, written by the famous weaver Thomas Mason

The emblematic British fabric manufacturer Thomas Mason 1796, known for its exceptional designs and superior quality, has developed a 100% natural, wrinkle resistant shirting fabric collection called "Journey". Made from the finest Egyptian cotton and treated with eco-friendly products, Journey fabrics promise a shirt that remains wrinkle-free even when worn all day from business meetings to client dinners or after having spent many hours in a suitcase on a business trip. A promise we are happy to confirm: The prototypes of the wrinkle resistant business shirt are incredibly pleasant to wear on the skin, and after washing and air-drying (on a hanger) only had to be ironed over briefly once to achieve a smooth finish.

Wrinkle resistant shirt Thomas Mason


The incredible properties of Egyptian Extra Long Staple Cotton (ELS)

We often repeat ourselves in this area: The key to a quality shirt is the fabric! And the fabrics of Thomas Mason's Journey collection are made from the crème de la crème of cotton: Egyptian extra long staple cotton (ELS).

ELS cotton is one of the most valuable cottons in the world, grown exclusively in the fertile areas of the Nile Delta! The special soil and climate of this region favour the growth of cotton fibres with exceptional properties:

- Min. 35 mm staple length (ELS)
- 87.3% uniformity index
- 44.6 g/tex fibre strength
- 74.8 rd degree of brilliance

The long, fine and even ELS cotton fibres are spun and woven in Italy and the reason for the robustness, the silky feel and the luminosity of Thomas Mason fabrics.

Wrinkle resistant shirt Thomas Mason

Wrinkle resistant shirt Thomas Mason


We do not offer cardboard

The common "non-iron shirt” is traditionally produced with an aggressive chemical formula based on formaldehyde and, thus, often criticised for its rigid, "cardboard-like" appearance and lack of comfort. While you may appreciate its practical side, we find it unimaginable to do without the pleasant softness of a beautiful pure cotton shirt!

Nor a clever but harmful mix of chemicals

Not to mention that chemicals, such as formaldehyde, can be dangerous to your health. So how can one benefit from the ease of care of a non-iron shirt without losing the natural look and comfort of cotton?

But an eco-friendly manufacturing process

Through the development of a new environmental-friendly process by the specialists in textile treatment! This process is divided into two phases.

Wrinkle resistant shirt Thomas Mason

A first anti-wrinkle treatment is carried out in Belgium

In Belgium, a specialised textile finishing plant let the fabrics soak in a non-chemical solution at a very low temperature which disappears completely after drying. This first treatment brings the cotton fibres to contract, so they obtain their dynamic properties, which prevent creasing. Certified by Oeko-Tex, the Belgian company guarantees a process free of harmful substances to human and environment.

Before a special natural resin is applied in Switzerland

The second treatment takes place in Switzerland, where a special natural resin is applied that preserves the natural beauty of cotton by keeping the cotton threads close and parallel to each other. As for the magic formula behind the process developed by Thomas Mason, you will have to forgive us, but it is a closely guarded professional secret.


To make our entry into the world of easy-iron shirts, we have asked hundreds of our French and international customers about their experiences with this type of shirt and their expectations regarding the design.

Easy care


Half of them said easy care was very important so you don't have to spend hours ironing, especially when on business trips. For 84.3% a high level of comfort remains a must. Our easy-iron shirt reconciles both sides with its crease protection, making ironing much easier, and its excellent comfort. By matching your wishes with our signature style, we have been able to create this range of timelessly elegant, wrinkle resistant shirts, thank you!


Rather white or light blue? Plain or striped? Classic collar or modern? Whatever you prefer, our easy-iron business shirt is available in several elegant and timeless styles to suit as many occasions and outfits as possible. Take some inspiration from our Lookbook!

  • Wrinkle resistant shirt Thomas Mason
  • Wrinkle resistant shirt Thomas Mason
  • Wrinkle resistant shirt Thomas Mason
  • Wrinkle resistant shirt Thomas Mason

European production


Made with love for a traditional craft

The wrinkle resistant shirt is manufactured with the greatest care in our atelier in Romania. Since 2016, we have entrusted the realisation of our designs to this manufacturer, who is ISO 9001 and OEKO-TEX SteP certified and passes on its centuries-old expertise over generations.

The quality pledge of our dress shirts

As with our other shirts, quality workmanship is paramount, so that you can enjoy your new garment for years to come. This includes:

- Solid French seams with 7 stitches per cm

- Hem gussets reinforcing the side seams

- Stainless steel collar stays for better support

- Genuine mother-of-pearl buttons sewn in a cross-stitch

- And a final horizontal buttonhole to avoid unwanted openings


Our shirts are designed to add elegance to both your formal and casual outfits. This is reflected in our modern cuts: Starting from regular, our shirts are fitted and cut close to the body. Our slim and extra slim fits are even more figure-hugging on chest, waist and hips.

Find out how to correctly take your measurements, as well as the detailed sizing information of our shirts in our size guide!

Wrinkle resistant shirt Thomas Mason

More than juste a dress shirt

more than just a shirt

Nature does it right!

The wrinkle resistant shirt

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