Chambray shirt in linen and cotton - band collar
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Chambray shirt in linen and cotton - band collar

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Weight: 160g/m2
Mother of pearl buttons, cross stitched
Traditional European manufacture
English seams 7 stitches per cm
Reinforcing swallows
61% cotton and 39% linen
Single cuffs: 50 mm
Officer collar with button and collar foot of 25 mm

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Chemise chambray Paris Lin Coton

Chemise chambray

A natural, western-inspired mix

A western American wind has blown through our design department. Check out our new shirts in pre-sale, both raw and textured, which is not without recalling the "casual friday" style! This symbol of casualness and freedom allows you to dress chic, while keeping a relaxed vibe.

Two of these shirts are made from a chambray that blends 39% linen and 61% cotton, two natural materials known for their comfort and breathability when temperatures are rising.

The final step that gives these shirts their character is the "stone washing" process that washes out the dye from the weaving threads. These three models, with the reverse collar in light blue chambray, the band collar and the French collar in dark blue chambray, could easily be used in a Sergio Leone movie!

Chemise chambray homme

Chemises en chambray

The "stone washed" fabric by Albiate 1830

To follow in the footsteps of Sergio Leone's western movies, directed in Italy between 1934 and 1968, we found our "stone washed" fabric from the house Albiate 1830. As a member of the Albini group, Albiate 1830 is a renowned Italian fabric manufacturer specializing in casual and contemporary styles.

The stone washing process is achieved in 3 steps:

- The first step is a gentle pre-wash to soften the fabric.

- Then comes the enzymatic washing, which gives the desired faded effect. By this action, not only will the fabric have a contrasting denim look characteristic of the washed-out effect, but it will also be more supple. Enzymatic treatment is a more sustainable alternative that avoids the application of chemicals harmful to textile fibers and the environment.

- A light bleaching is applied to the textile fibers before the final phase of fabric softening to make it less static and smoother.

An eco-responsible process

The selection criteria for the products used are subject to GOTS and BlueSign accreditation, which guarantees environmentally friendly products and controlled water use.

Stone washing gives our shirts a uniformly washed look and makes the cotton and linen fabric softer and more pleasant to wear. The average weight of 162 g/m2 makes our western shirts a great choice for the spring season, neither too hot nor too cold.

How the west was won ... and the breton coast

Our selection of iconic collars

What could be better than two modern collars and an iconic classic collar paired with an equally casual chambray fabric? The band collar and the reverse collar are two contemporary collar options that have become very popular in recent years. Since they do not have an outer flap, both collars can be worn without accessories, such as ties or bow ties. The French collar is the most versatile of shirt collars, characterised by its small opening and downward-pointing lapels. These three minimalist collars are at the forefront of casual elegance, highlighted by the linen of the fabric of these two shirt models.

Freedom and relaxation

We suggest you go for casual-chic look and pair this shirt with a natural-colored chino or raw pair of jeans in a slightly different shade than the chambray shirt, so as not to turn into a "total blue jean look". As a slightly rawer signature, you can also wear this model as an overshirt, over your favorite t-shirt. A few irregularities may remain, contributing to the authentic charm of these shirts.

Chemise jean homme

Natural casual

Our shirts are made of natural chambray. The collars are a symbol of casualness and freedom, ideal for a casual-chic outfit. Dare to look like Clint Eastwood!

  • Polo col mao homme Paris
  • Polo col mao homme Paris
  • Polo col mao homme Paris
  • Polo col mao homme Paris
  • Polo col mao homme Paris
  • Polo col mao homme Paris

Chemises en chambray paris

The star of shirts: Cotton!

The sweetness of summer

Why is cotton used so much in the confection of a shirt? The answer lies in its versatility. Its fibers are easy to manipulate and can take on different textures and thicknesses.

Additionally, cotton has a great capacity to absorb moisture and let the skin breathe while keeping it cool: our western shirts are made with finely woven cotton to perfectly suit the mid-season. Its softness and ease of care make it a material of choice.

Linen, an eco-friznsly fiber

A real thermoregulatory power

Raw and wild, linen is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. Used since the dawn of time, linen first originated from Turkey over 12,000 years ago. It is a multi-faceted plant that has a low environmental impact, as it does not require fertilizer and only consumes a small amount of water during its growing and transformation into weaving yarn. The lightness of the linen thread gives a barely wrinkled look to the textile weave of our two western shirts and enables a naturally matte finish to the fabric.

Chemise chambray de lin

Chemises chambray foncé

A duo that meets all challenges

Comfortable in all seasons

The blend of cotton and linen gives our two models a flexibility and a light drop of the textile without fear of possible wrinkles. This combination of materials ensures a western shirt you can wear all year round, thanks to its thermoregulatory properties making it comfortable to wear in summer and in winter.

Resistant to all tests

Once woven, the cotton and linen are blended to create a denim-like blue chambray. The cotton and linen provide a high level of strength, essential for men of action not afraid to get their shirts wet!

The quality of a traditional, european manufacture

Made with love for a traditional craft

Made with care in our shirt atelier in Romania our western shirts are made with the highest attention to detail by our shirt artisans. Since 2016, we have entrusted the realisation of our designs to this manufacturer, who is ISO 9001 and OEKO-TEX SteP certified and passes on its centuries-old expertise over generations.

The quality pledge of our dress shirts

As with our other shirts, quality workmanship is paramount, so that you can enjoy your new garment for years to come. This includes: - solid French seams with 7 stitches per cm, - hem gussets reinforcing the side seams, - genuine mother-of-pearl buttons sewn in a cross-stitch, - and a final horizontal buttonhole to avoid unwanted openings.

Chemises chambray boutique

Chemise chambray coupe

A modern fit

Elegance close to the body

Our shirts are designed to add elegance to both your formal and casual outfits. This is reflected in our modern cuts: Starting from regular, our shirts are fitted and cut close to the body.

Our slim and extra slim fits are even more figure-hugging on chest, waist and hips. Find out how to correctly take your measurements, as well as the detailed sizing information of our shirts in our size guide!

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