The retro chic shirt - French collar
Limited edition

The retro chic shirt - French collar

French collar shirt with large stripes

  • 5 characteristic shirts: club collar, reverse collar, french collar, band collar
  • An inimitable retro yet contemporary style
  • Created with timeless natural fabrics 100% cotton from the Albiate 1830 house
  • Made by traditional process in our European ateliers
  • Careful finishing: French seams, hem gussets, stainless steel collar stays, genuine mother-of-pearl or metal buttons in cross stitch
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Chemise Peaky Blinders col rond

Tenue Peaky Blinders

Retro inspiration, elegant and modern twist as well

Join the most select of British gangs

Be part of the big league by joining one of the most select British gangs. Our five shirts designed with retro elegance are directly inspired by the 1920s gentleman gangster atmosphere. In 2021, we reinterpret this atypical and original dress code, in the spirit of the Peaky Blinders and British aristocracy using a modern twist and a fresh eye. The highly charismatic British style reveals its mysterious side, just like the bandits who were used to carry such shirts. Wear your caps and beret, stow your pocket watches and travel with us back to the past of a era not so far away.

100 years apart

Between the 1920's and 2020's, many styles were on trend, but only a few kept a timeless vibe: if fashion is cyclical, this ever-present design is the perfect opposite! Nothing has changed, or nearly: the fabric of the shirts is much more comfortable but still retains a raw aspect appreciated by the most nostalgic. Our five editions will allow you to reappropriate the codes of elegance from the 1920s. A stylistic influence that everyone agrees on - otherwise we may have trouble with the members of a certain urban street gang...

Look Peaky Blinder

Chemises Peaky blinders manteau

Join the gang

In any weather

When winter comes, keeping a modern gentleman's style will be effortless in a simple woolen suit, plain or with houndstooth motif... or maybe a long winter coat, preferably in tweed with a pointed collar to enhance the effect of an elaborate look. The most audacious will be able to choose a three-piece suit made up of a jacket, a vest and pants. In summer, you can swap your belt for a pair of elastic suspenders, to awaken the old but fascinating side of this accessory of underestimated power.

Authentic fabrics by the italian house Albiate 1830

Our five pieces are produced using 100% cotton fabrics from the house Albiate 1830, belonging to the renowned weaver Albini. It is one of the best references for casual and easy-going style shirts. Pioneer in the innovation of premium casual-chic fabrics, our retro-chic shirts have a natural finish and a natural character. What differentiates them from our usual shirts is their authentic look obtained thanks to a unique weaving of cotton. They are then finely textured, raw and less smooth for a finish that reminds us of 1920's fabrics: rustic and sophisticated.

Chemise Peaky Blinders

Our five honorary members appointed by Order of The Nines

  • chemise Peaky Blinders
  • chemise Peaky Blinders
  • chemise Peaky Blinders
  • chemise Peaky Blinders
  • chemise Peaky Blinders

chemise col rond blanche peaky blinder

The club collar shirt with silver collar button white

The club collar white shirt is the emblem of the elegance of the early 1900s. It remains a truly indispensable piece for the outfits worn during this period. Refinement required, our sense of detail pushed us to choose a metal collar closure button. Thus, this subtle element allows you to wear your shirt without a tie but always with a little twist of finesse in addition!

The band collar contrasted shirt light blue

In the 1920s, collars and cuffs were sold as separate components of shirts. Why? Back then, washing clothes was expensive and these parts got quickly dirty. That's why collars and cuffs were often contrasted with the color of the shirt fabric. We have kept this spirit by bringing a casual contrasting band collar to our light blue shirt. We even heard that it is very much liked by a certain Thomas Shelby...

Chemise col officier

chemise col inversé rouge

The reverse collar shirt with fine white and red stripes

Among our five models, this is without a doubt the most casual shirt we have developed. Its modern collar, revisited and popularized in the 2000s, is dressed in an untreated cotton fabric with a natural look textured with fine stripes. Without tab, this shirt can be worn without a neck accessory, but can also be completed by a pair of elastic suspenders of the same shade. We wanted to put a little red here to contrast the rainy weather that British people are familiar with.

The french collar shirt white and blue stripes

We rethink the established codes between timelessness and elegance with a range of colors found notably between the 1920s and 1940s. The white shirt is slowly being replaced by more colorful shirts, moving away from the classic image of the classic white shirt. Back to the Roaring Twenties, with a touch of sophistication influenced by The Great Gatsby, a charismatic protagonist of the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Chemise homme large rayure bleu ciel

Chemise col rond bleu ciel

The club collar shirt light blue

The slightly mottled and raw aspect of this traditional light blue fabric brings a touch of color in a sober and monochrome outfit. This characteristic collar is known as "club collar": it has the particularity to be rounded on its edges. Created in the 1800s, it incarnates the English elegance of the dandy chic look par excellence.

The quality of a traditional, european manufacture

Made with love for a traditional craft

Made with care in our shirt atelier in Romania from a traditional Italian fabric Albiate 1830, our retro-chic shirts are made with the highest attention to detail by our shirt artisans. Since 2016, we have entrusted the realisation of our designs to this manufacturer, who is ISO 9001 and OEKO-TEX SteP certified and passes on its centuries-old expertise over generations.

The quality pledge of our dress shirts

As with our other shirts, quality workmanship is paramount, so that you can enjoy your new garment for years to come. This includes:

- solid French seams with 7 stitches per cm,

- hem gussets reinforcing the side seams,

- stainless steel collar stays for better support,

- genuine mother-of-pearl - or metal - buttons sewn in a cross-stitch,

- and a final horizontal buttonhole to avoid unwanted openings.

Finitions chemise The Nines

Coupes chemises

A modern fit

Our shirts are designed to add elegance to both your formal and casual outfits. This is reflected in our modern cuts: Starting from regular, our shirts are fitted and cut close to the body. Our slim and extra slim fits are even more figure-hugging on chest, waist and hips. Find out how to correctly take your measurements, as well as the detailed sizing information of our shirts in our size guide!

More than just a retro chic shirt

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