Grey Linen Jacket

Grey Linen Jacket

The softness of summer in a jacket

  • Available in 4 colours: grey, light blue, beige and dark blue
  • 100% linen fabric, natural and eco-responsible, from the prestigious Italian company Solbiati of the Loro Piana group
  • Half-canvas interlining, a resistant assembly for a graceful fall
  • Traditional manufacturing by our European in Portugal
  • Careful finishing: piped pockets, corozo buttons, notched lapels
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Veste en lin beige

Veste lin

A nice jacket for the beautiful days

It will accompany all your summer memories

As the days get longer, we start to crave holidays, escape and, above all, the sun. Weddings or reunions with friends or family are great opportunities to bring out the big game. What better way to celebrate these moments than to take full advantage of the pleasure of dressing well? Our four linen jackets with their textured - almost mottled - look give a casualness worthy of a carefree summer evening. With a weight of 290g/m2, it is neither too thin nor too thick and feels cool against your shirt. For a big event that needs to be marked, dare to wear a linen jacket and go off the beaten track!

The tone is set

Subtly textured, the jacket will be adequate very well to other materials and natural weaves and will not over-shine as the linen will mattify the fabric. Opt for a less solemn, mismatched version by wearing a chino in sober colours, or shimmering colours for the more daring! For a more formal look, our linen jacket can also be worn with classic suit trousers, plain or with micro-patterns. Our 4 models have been designed without padding in the shoulders, for a more relaxed look that follows the natural shape of your shoulders. Our all-linen jacket is fitted and will nicely accentuate your shoulders.

Chemise Reda Active merinos lin activewear

Veste lin grise

Why linen?

The right eco-responsible reflex

Linen is a raw material that requires very little water. This wild plant grows only through rain irrigation and does not require the addition of fertiliser or pesticides. Moreover, the flax used for our 4 models does not travel the whole world, as it is mainly grown in northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In other words, it is the ecological fibre par excellence!

The air flows freely!

Thanks to the porosity of its fibres, linen will absorb moisture and thus insulate the skin and regulate body temperature. This allows air to circulate freely and eliminates any overwhelming or unpleasant feeling that you would normally experience in a synthetic jacket.

Rustic, but not only

In Antiquity, linen fabric symbolised purity and ensured the wearer's well-being. Today, it gives a rustic and authentic look that has been brought up to date. This natural fabric has an airy, slightly textured structure that gives this jacket its original charm.

European expertise

A masterful touch from A to Z

In order to create this light jacket, we set out to conquer the West... Europe. Firstly, imagined in our Paris and Bordeaux offices, our design team worked on the development of the model, including the fabric, the colours and the cut. We called on the Solbiati company - affiliated with the large Loro Piana weaving group - to choose the linen fabric. Solbiati was founded in 1874 and specialised in the linen industry in the 20th century. It has almost 150 years of expertise in the clothing weaving sector and knows the natural fibre of linen inside out. Once the fabrics had been carefully selected, we headed to Portugal, whose expertise in pattern making and interlining is worthy of bespoke garments, guaranteeing a garment that will last for years. Finally, we lent our shoulders to test the remarkable qualities of this linen jacket before offering you these 4 fully validated models, perfect for the beautiful days!

Vestes lin homme

One jacket and many possibilities

  • chemise Peaky Blinders
  • chemise Peaky Blinders
  • chemise Peaky Blinders
  • chemise Peaky Blinders
  • chemise Peaky Blinders
  • chemise Peaky Blinders

Finishing touches worthy of a great jacket

Half canvas interlining

Our linen jacket is constructed with a semi-traditional interlining, just like our suit jackets, for superior quality. This type of finish allows for a smoother fall and a clean finish with no visible seams, giving a neat result.

Notched lapels

Like all western jackets, our linen jacket has a lapel, which is two pieces of fabric folded over the front of the chest. Here, this type of lapel is called a "notched lapel" or "notched lapel" to achieve a relaxed style structure. With a width of 8 cm, our linen jacket has a standard lapel size usually found in classic suit jackets: no chance to upset your habits!

Corozo buttons

Also known as "vegetable ivory", corozo is the fruit of the ivory palm tree, which is found in America as well as in Africa. Once cut and polished, corozo is an excellent alternative to mother-of-pearl buttons and just as strong. Combined with the linen of the fabric, it blends very well and remains in a 100% natural theme. Using only the fruit of this little-known tree helps to protect biodiversity and avoid deforestation.

Parmenture américaine

Pins et pochette

Room for customization

Play the card of originality and personalisation down to the smallest detail by opting for a pin or brooch on the lapel of your linen jacket. This little accessory will give an extra memorable touch to your outfit. Depending on your favourite model, you can match the material of your pin with the colours of your watch, ring or other jewellery.

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