Polo Shirt Classic Collar Heather Sky Blue

Polo Shirt Classic Collar Heather Sky Blue

Uncomplicated elegance

  • 4 polo shirts: 1 reworked classic collar and 3 mandarin collars
  • An exceptional, highly comfortable 100% piqué cotton of 190g/m2
  • Lightweight, breathable cotton weave made by our Italian weaver in Biella
  • The touch of originality: one heather peacock blue and one heather sky blue fabrics
  • Traditional manufacturing by our Portuguese workshop
  • Careful finishing: meticulous seams, reinforced slits, resistant dyed buttons
  • Your feedbacks and suggestions for improvement of the first polo version have been considered


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Polo col mao bleu marine paris

Polo v2

The ultimate balance between elegance and comfort

One year on, already a key piece in The Nines wardrobe

Nearly a year after the launch of our first polo shirt by The Nines - the organic polo shirt - in 2020, we are re-launching the sewing machine for a brand new version! A true emblem of casualness, the polo shirt is a garment that has conquered all wardrobes, both male and female.

The alternative between a T-shirt and a shirt

Chic and sportswear at the same time, it fits in any outfit, considering it as an excellent alternative between a tee-shirt and a shirt. Indeed, this iconic piece has sporting roots: it takes its name from polo - an equestrian sport played in teams - but also from tennis. In the early 1920s, René Lacoste, a famous professional tennis player, adopted the short-sleeved polo shirt in order to offer complete freedom of movement. It is exactly in this perspective, between practicality and finesse, that we imagined our remastered versions of the classic collar polo reimagined and mandarin collar.

Polo ciel col classique

polo homme mao

A timely update for the summer season

After the enthusiastic welcome you gave our first version - and after a meticulous review of the points to be optimized - we are proud to be able to present our second interpretation of the polo. With the intention of bringing you on a journey through natural shades, our three summer highlights come in three bluish hues: an easy-to-match dark blue mandarin collar polo, a duck blue mandarin collar polo for the modern touch, and finally, a heathered light blue classic collar polo inspired by our shirts. With summer approaching - and hopefully barbecues with family and friends - we went back to the drawing board and made some adjustments.

An enhanced lightness

The fabric of our two new polo shirts has been given a lighter and thinner knit. This cotton fabric now weighs 190g/m2 instead of 206g/m2. As a result, it won't keep you too hot this summer - and all future summers! However, you shouldn't worry about the transparency of the knit: it remains quite full and opaque.

The new addition: the mandarin collar

The reverse collar has been replaced by the mandarin collar, which gives our polo shirt a smaller collar height that offers a better hold. When it comes to styling, the mandarin collar is, of course, one of the signature collars of our shirts. Without a flap, this original neckline can be worn barely open, for a casual-chic look.

Your feedback has been very helpful

We took the cup

We have taken into account the different feedbacks from our first version of the polo shirt. Among them, we have worked extensively on improvements related to the general cut of the organic polo. In order to raise the level of requirement of our three new models, the cut has been reworked and rectified to avoid too much amplitude and tension when moving the arms.

Improved strength

Every detail counts when it comes to creating a beautiful piece of stunning fabric. That's why we've strengthened the slits on our new polo shirts. The finishing is further enhanced and allows you to move or run on the beach with ease!

qualité polo homme

Our interpretation of a modern polo shirt

We have sought versatility: the ambition is to be able to dress you in style without effort. The collars show a nonchalant yet elegant side. The slightly mottled look of the fabric gives it a strong character, while at the same time embracing the codes of casual elegance.

  • Polo col mao homme Paris
  • Polo col mao homme Paris
  • Polo col mao homme Paris
  • Polo col mao homme Paris
  • Polo col mao homme Paris
  • Polo col mao homme Paris

Polo col chemise

The classic polo collar reimagined

The classic collar polo is surely the signature design of the polo as we know it. In this chic, sportswear version, this light blue polo with a reimagined classic collar is still versatile. This trendy design follows in the footsteps of our shirts, inspired by classic collars that never go out of style. Its clean lines and heather effect give our polo shirt an interesting originality that doesn't conflict with a dressy wardrobe.

The collar of our new version of the polo has been adjusted to make it thinner, while taking care not to make it too stiff: no risk of ending up with a collar with a cardboard effect. Sober and refined, it is still very functional without collapsing thanks to the added button under the collar.

Tip: We recommend ironing the collar of the polo shirt, just like a normal shirt collar!

The mandarin collar polo with casual feel

Less common and more modern, the mandarin collar of our duck blue and dark blue polo shirts is the touch of casual elegance that polo shirts are missing. You previously mentioned you wanted a contemporary, less formal twist, without going eccentric. So, taking your feedback into account, we decided to add a version of the mandarin collar, one of our iconic shirt collars.

Tip: Just like our classic collar polo, we recommend ironing the collar of the polo shirt, just like a normal shirt collar!

Chemise col mao vert

A modern figure-hugging cut

Welcome to 2021

Modern and figure-hugging, what does that mean? This polo shirt is slightly taken in at the waist to avoid the unflattering potato sack effect, but at the same time it does not fit uncomfortably tight to the body. The sleeves wrap your arms loosely without leaving too much room. (After all, we have not all been blessed with strong biceps).

Stop the shrinking

With its breathable weave, cotton piqué is known to shrink when washed. During the tests we ran in our atelier, we found 5% shrinkage after the first wash and stabilisation in subsequent washes. To ensure that your polo shirt still fits after many years and washes, we have corrected this effect by including an additional length in our measurement chart.

Nevertheless, there is one golden rule to follow with cotton piqué: wash your polo shirt at max. 30° C and never ever tumble dry it!

Coupe polo homme

Confection polos homme

Inside the manufacturing

When it comes to the craftsmanship of our polo shirts, we've entrusted it to our closest neighbors, in the heart of our reliable atelier in Portugal. The manufacturing and finishing are equal to our shirts, for a garment that lasts. The seams on all three of our polo shirts are neat, regular and sturdy, all the way down to the sleeve ends, which are ribbed as well. The buttons are now tone-in-tone dyed to match the color of the knit fabric for greater harmony, but remain cross-stitched.

Complete confidence

We are proud to cooperate with this atelier, which meets all our criteria in terms of ethics, respect for human beings and sustainable development. In addition to a recognized high quality of confection, this Portuguese establishment applies a strict code of conduct through actions of social responsibility.

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THE ENVIRONMENT, because by tuning production to the success you reserve to it, we avoid overproduction and wastage of unsold products.We also provide an extra margin so you can exchange sizes if necessary.

Not just a reimagined polo

plus qu'une simple chemise

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