Knitted jacket in navy blue

Knitted jacket in navy blue

Comfortable, smart and innovative: a versatile cotton knit jacket.

  • A multi purpose garment for every occasion
  • Refined look, fit cut and suitable for all types of dressing
  • 340/m2 cotton knit fabric made in Italy, unlined providing a lighter feel
  • Two models in timeless colours: navy blue and grey
  • Traditional manufacturing of the fabric by our Italian atelier
  • Careful finishing: solid seams, thin facing, patch pockets, cross-stitched corozo buttons

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veste coton casual homme paris

Polo v2

Never let your style down

A versatile jacket

A cardigan? Not quite. A blazer? Potentially. A jacket? Almost. In fact, our new casual jacket is everything. With its multi-faceted style, it can be worn with casual, casual-chic or dressy outfits. But the least we can say is that it will allow you to follow your every move: it is not you who adapts to your garment, it is the casual jacket that adapts to you!

With its solid cotton knit and lack of lining, it's the ultimate modern jacket that won't keep you from moving in your busy day. Designed for men of action who like to keep a neat look, our casual jacket is as comfortable as a jogging pant but much more elegant!

One jacket, plenty of looks

Our casual jacket is categorised as a 'sports jacket', although we can't really imagine rock climbing in it. However, if you're going to try cycling or skateboarding, we'd be confident that this versatile jacket will hold up! Bordering on formal, but not quite, this lightweight piece - navy blue or grey - cleverly stands out without weighing down the figure. Its versatility allows you to let your imagination run wild and project a "casual-chic 2021" style.

This versatile jacket will replace a dressy cardigan or a blazer, imposing a look that breaks the codes of distinguished. With a chino - or our tailored stretch pant - and a pair of white sneakers, our jacket will easily blend into a casual outfit. Its natural and light fall boosts the outfit, whatever the desired look, to make you stand out with ease. This innovative piece is truly in tune with the times, following the evolution of our lifestyles: en route to the future!

A multipurpose jacket

With a sleek and elegant look, our jacket can be worn with different looks.

  • veste homme casual
  • veste homme casual
  • veste homme casual
  • veste homme casual
  • veste homme casual
  • veste homme casual
  • veste homme casual
  • veste homme casual
  • veste homme casual
  • veste homme casual

Designed for a sleek look

veste coton grise

Navy-blue casual jacket

Among the great timeless classics, the navy-blue jacket has a very special place. Sober, dressy, but still colourful, the navy-blue casual jacket stands out for its original cotton knit and its flexibility. Therefore, it can be worn as an off-the-rack item or with other sober colours such as sky blue, white, burgundy or grey. Alternatively, it can be contrasted with other brighter colours, which will certainly bring out a touch of fantasy.

Grey casual jacket

A grey jacket has its place in a modern man's wardrobe. This colour is a classic in the suit jacket category, and our casual jacket is inspired by it. Less deep than black, this mid-grey remains sober, neutral and goes well with many shirts, polo shirts and t-shirts, regardless of the event - formal or otherwise - you are attending. To add a little colour to your outfit, you can opt for accessories that will enhance the chic look of the grey casual jacket.

veste decontractee pour homme

coupe slim veste coton

Tight fit

Worn close to the body, our casual jacket is quite different from a simple blazer, which are usually a bit wider. So a fitted, tailored cut was the way to go! But be careful, tight doesn't mean too tight, so that you can move normally. That's why this cotton piece subtly follows the curves of the figure, for a bright look.

Corozo buttons

Made of dark corozo, our casual jackets are topped with details that make them more casual. Corozo is a solid alternative to mother of pearl buttons. The use of this fruit of the ivory palm tree helps preserve biodiversity in a sustainable way.

These subtle black buttons are polished and trimmed to blend in perfectly with this navy or grey casual jacket.

veste pour homme casual

veste pull jacket paris

A flair of detail

Details and us is a story that lasts. So we paid special attention to the details when it comes to fine craftsmanship.

The orange stripe on the inside of the jacket is a subtle element that only you can see. It's the touch of bright colour that makes all the difference...

Refined tailoring right down to the sleeve

maille piquée maggia

Quilted mesh

With a 340/m2 fabric, the density of our jacket's knit will ensure a clean fall that won't be too flowy, while still allowing you to follow your every move without getting in the way. This choice piece is knitted in 100% cotton pique knit that won't wrinkle, even in your suitcase, towards a business trip for example.

Its light and airy structure is slightly textured which is its unique charm. It is softer than a classic wool jacket thanks to the weaving of the cotton threads.

Unstructured but well laid out

The lining of our casual jacket is very thin, which means that it is unstructured. Don't worry, this somewhat strange term simply means that the lining is not present everywhere inside the jacket. It starts from the lapel to the pockets, to give more fluidity. We have deliberately kept this quilted model simple, which is why we have not added any padding to the shoulders. There is no padding to enhance your figure and your natural shoulder line. This makes the body less rigid, giving more mobility to the upper body.

veste destrucutrée

poche plaque veste homme

Patch pockets and notched lapels

Another important detail that is noticeable at first glance is the patch pockets. The pocket bag is sewn directly onto the outside of the jacket so that it is completely visible.

This construction gives our quilted jacket a less formal look. We have chosen to apply an 8cm notch lapel to the two flaps at the chest. This addition will give the silhouette a lot of structure!

Prestigious italian fabric

Special care for a jacket worn all year round

Our Italian atelier, well known to luxury houses, has put its heart into the cotton fabric of our casual jacket! Located near the town of Biella in Italy, this knitting workshop with its unique savoir-faire has been demonstrating innovation and ever more efficient weaving techniques since its creation in the 18th century. It is in this emblematic Italian place that the raw materials are chosen, the cotton yarns are dyed and the fabric of our two models, navy blue and grey, is made.

In order to achieve a quality jacket that will last for years, control of the production steps is a fundamental key element. Every detail is carefully examined to ensure that the cotton fabric is of the highest quality, so that you can wear your casual jacket in all seasons.

confection maggia

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YOU, because you benefit from a product at a special preview price thanks to our forecast of the quantities to be produced. Moreover, you are sure to have the product in your hands since it is already being made!

THE ENVIRONMENT, because by tuning production to the success you reserve to it, we avoid overproduction and wastage of unsold products.We also provide an extra margin so you can exchange sizes if necessary.

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