Quick Dry T-shirt in Black

Quick Dry T-shirt in Black

The number one practical garment in your daily life

  • Absorbent and breathable T-shirt that keeps pace with you while retaining odour
  • Remains light and fluid even at a good density of 190 g/m2
  • Made from skin-friendly and environmentally friendly materials: 48% tencel, 47% organic cotton and 5% elastane, STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX®.
  • A t-shirt that hasn't been around the world: woven and made in our Portuguese workshops
  • Available in 7 colours: black, white, midnight blue, eucalyptus green and terracotta orange
    New: emerald green and syrah red.
  • Clean finish: clean stripe, strong seams, fine ribbing, perfect fit


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Tshirt homme

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A must-have piece taken very seriously

The same high standards as for our shirts

There comes a time in life when you need a good T-shirt more than a shirt. Starting from this proven fact, and easily verifiable by each of us, everything now depends on one detail, and not the least: finding a T-shirt that is comfortable to wear next to the skin and of good quality. Basic - without being boring - and indispensable: the T-shirt is a must for everyone, every style and every age. That's why working on and designing a piece as essential as the T-shirt is something we took - very - seriously!

Confortable and absorbent

We have paid particular attention to the quality of our workmanship, which is of the same high standard as our shirts. Our years of experience with shirts have been put to good use to create a sober, plain but stylistically very effective t-shirt.

This piece of Tencel® and cotton has a real fluidity that lets the air circulate pleasantly. In addition to its unparalleled comfort, this absorbent T-shirt has very little creasing and adapts to our new fast-paced lifestyles.

We are delighted to be able to offer you 7 different coloured t-shirts made from eco-friendly materials to complete your wardrobe.

Thirt tencel

Tshirt lyocell

Play with your style

A few words

Etymologically, the term "t-shirt" comes from the English "shirt". The T is a reference to the shape of this garment created in the early 1900s in the United States. So naturally we wanted to offer you a very casual derivative of the shirt! To wear it, we're sure you don't need an instruction manual. But to make it stand out, you can emphasize its features in both casual and casual-chic outfits.

Elegant in different looks

A relaxed look will be enhanced by one of our t-shirts, jeans, chino or shorts. For a vitaminic touch, you can opt for a bright colour like eucalyptus green or terracotta. Did you know that you can blend your t-shirt into a more formal outfit? Under a blazer or a linen jacket, our t-shirt also has its place! To complete your look, you can wear coloured socks and complement them with a pair of white trainers or trainers.

A garment with technical characteristics

A pleasant and airy fabric

Thanks to these technical features, which are provided by a sophisticated weave, this shirt offers a perfect fit and pleasant comfort. The lightweight 190 g/m2 material remains fairly dense, avoiding problems with fabric transparency. Made with a clever blend of Tencel®, organic cotton and a little elastane, it wrinkles little for a look that is always impeccable.

Breathable and absorbent, we tested our shirt during a rhythmic game of tennis... the result is clear: it kept us cool and made us forget about sweating thanks to its quick drying!

Tshirt absorbant

The garment of your daily life

An absorbent and breathable t-shirt made from skin-friendly and environmentally friendly materials. It is available in 7 colours: black, white, midnight blue, eucalyptus green, terracotta orange, emerald green and syrah red.

  • Tshirt tencel coton bio paris
  • Tshirt tencel coton bio paris
  • Tshirt tencel coton bio paris
  • Tshirt tencel coton bio paris
  • Tshirt tencel coton bio paris
  • Tshirt tencel coton bio paris
  • Tshirt tencel coton bio paris
  • Tshirt tencel coton bio paris
  • Tshirt tencel coton bio paris

Tastes and colours

tshirt paris


Often wrongly boycotted, black has a special place on a good basic such as a t-shirt. Neutral but not plain, the black t-shirt is no longer synonymous with sadness or a gothic style, as one might imagine. With this colour, there's no chance of brooding !

Durability both in time and in manufacture

The component materials of our 7 T-shirts are certified by the STANDARD 100 label by OEKO-TEX®. This certification guarantees the absence of substances harmful to health and the planet for a better traceability.


Tencel® - or lyocell - is a material of choice, especially for the summer, providing extra lightness. It dries more quickly than cotton and will wick moisture more easily. It is made from the pulp of crushed wood from deciduous trees - such as eucalyptus - which regenerate quickly. Its assembly also has the ability to regulate perspiration while remaining dry to the touch. As a result, it is a material that retains almost no odour: in other words, it looks good in a summer room!

Tshirt lyocell

Tshirt coton bio

Organic coton

Organic cotton requires much less water than traditional cotton and is not treated with pesticides or chemicals. It is therefore less irritating to the skin and has no harmful effect on the environment. The fibres are better preserved and less damaged, resulting in a strong and durable weaving yarn. No environmentally damaging chemicals have been used, thus maintaining optimal soil health and efficient use of irrigation water.


When used sparingly, synthetics can work wonders. The 5% elastane gives extra flexibility and a close fit. Without this fibre, it would be difficult for the T-shirt to regain its original shape after stretching.

Tshirt elastanne

The short circuit: a business that works

This T-shirt didn't make it around the world

We didn't have to go exploring halfway around the world to make the fabric and assembly for our 7 designs. Just like our shirts, we have a rigorous manufacturing process: our trusted workshop in Portugal, near Porto, masters the finishing touches of our t-shirts to perfection. In the design and manufacture of our shirts, we always favour the shortest route, with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint. In this case, our t-shirt travels less than 1,000 kilometres in all, between Porto and our logistics warehouse.

Cleanliness strip (bright)

The lining is located on the back of the neckline of the shirt. This solid finish is typical - no pun intended - of the highest quality T-shirts. In terms of fit, adding a welt ensures that the collar does not twist or warp. We chose to contrast the colours of the fabric with the liner to give an original twist!

Qualite tshirt

Coutures tshirt

Clean and precise seams

To enable you to wear your T-shirt all day - or night! - the seams have been finely, neatly and precisely sewn together so that they don't scratch. A ribbed edge has been sewn to the end of the shirt to resist tension. This ensures that the seams stay in place.

Tight fit

Neither too tight nor too loose, the cut of our t-shirt is worked in such a way as to be slightly fitted, without sticking too much to your skin. It was important for us to offer you a t-shirt that you won't be ashamed to go out in for fear that its cut won't hold up.

Easy maintenance

To clean your t-shirt properly, we recommend simply putting it in the washing machine and washing it at 30°C with your other clothes. We advise you to wash your favourite model with similar colours to prevent them from fading. Iron it on a medium heat for a perfect finish.

Find your size

Don't know what size to choose? Don't panic, you can consult our size guide!

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