Sea Island shark collar shirt with thin blue stripes
Limited edition

Sea Island shark collar shirt with thin blue stripes

Extra elegance at your fingertips

  • Three shirts woven in the finest Sea Island cotton by Tessitura Monti: reverse collar, shark collar, tab collar
  • Pin collar shirt in stretch cotton from the Yoga line by Albini
  • Wrinkle-free club collar shirt in Egyptian cotton from the Journey range by Thomas Mason
  • Dressy look enhanced by fine stripes and optimal comfort
  • Made by traditional process in our European ateliers
  • Careful finishing: French seams, hem gussets, stainless steel collar stays, eco-friendly buttons with mother-of-pearl effect made of vegetal resin, cross-stitched


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Eco-friendly buttons with mother-of-pearl effect made of vegetal resin, cross-stitched
Made in a traditional European workshop
French seams, with 7 stitches per centimeter
100% cotton
Shark collar
Weight: 99g/m2
Titling: 140/2

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Polo v2

Fancy shirts for all your finest outfits

Getting dressed for warm days ahead

To worthily prepare yourself for the comeback of a life full of freedom and gatherings with friends and family, we have designed shirts that will go with your most refined outfits. The return to normal life and the beginning of the summer months are particularly appealing to those who want to get dressed in exceptional fabrics, made by equally prestigious houses.

Sophisticated and subtle

Our five fancy shirts in subtle colors and patterns bring light to the greyer moments of these past months. Whether you're looking for the pleasure of dressing well or the perfect shirt for a special occasion, these five luxurious, fine-striped models made from exclusively Italian fabrics will be in keeping with an assumed high level of luxury.

chemise luxe

chemise sea island

Premium fabrics

Sea Island Cotton

The Sea Island cotton shirt is THE luxury shirt par excellence. With its formal and elegant style, it is usually preferred in a dressy outfit to celebrate a special event. It isn't always possible to wear such a refined shirt, made from such a sensational cotton.

Grown since the 18th century, Sea Island cotton comes from the Bahamas, where its name is inspired by the Caribbean Sea. The particularly mild climatic conditions for the culture of Sea Island cotton are the reason why this particular type of cotton grows mostly in this part of the world. Its production is therefore limited and rare, making this cotton one of the most prized materials. With its very long fibers of over 35 mm on average, Sea Island cotton yarns are incredibly fine and uniquely soft.

The Tessitura Monti textile factory is located in the north-east of Italy, where our Sea Island cotton shirts are made with great care. The Italian company was founded in 1911 by the three brothers of the Monti family and has specialized in the production of quality shirt fabrics for over a century. The weaver deftly juggles traditional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and environmental awareness to produce its renowned fabrics. The king of cotton - which this family-owned company has mastered to perfection - was chosen for our three majestic shirts with reverse collar, shark collar, tab collar.

High performance material

Comfort & stretch

Created by the Italian company Albini, the fabric of our pin collar shirt is a 100% cotton fabric from the Yoga line of this renowned manufacturer. As the name suggests, the Yoga fabric is very comfortable to wear, without the addition of synthetic materials.

Its light stretch and breathable properties are achieved through an innovative natural treatment that only Albini has the secret. The fabric retains its softness and elasticity even after multiple washings without altering its innovative characteristics!

Wrinkle-free properties

Say goodbye to the cardboard effect that usually characterizes wrinkle-free shirts, but say hello to easy ironing! This ingenious fabric from the Journey line by Thomas Mason is made from long staple Egyptian cotton fibers - grown exclusively on the rich soil of the Nile Delta. The cotton yarn is then blended with an eco-friendly anti-crease resin to retain the softness that cotton is so well known for.

The shirt with its contrasting club collar keeps its impeccable appearance, even when worn for a whole day or spent hours in a suitcase! After putting it in the washing machine and drying it on a hanger, all it takes is a quick ironing for a clean and smooth finish.

chemise homme luxe

Tshirt lyocell

Extra strength

Double twisted cotton

Our five fancy shirts are made of double twisted cotton, a trademark of quality and strength. This weaving consists of a double warp thread wrapped around a double weft thread. The yarn is wound on itself, binding the fibers firmly together. Double twisted is pleasant to wear, silkier than single twisted, adding a great finesse to our shirts. With such a tight weave, the fabric is not transparent despite the delicacy of the Sea Island cotton yarn or Egyptian cotton. This process allows a long lasting durability, an unequalled silkiness and an easy ironing. With an average weight of around 100g/m2, our fancy shirts are neither too thin nor too thick so that you can wear them in any season.

Dressy shirts for the warm season

5 chic and subtle shirts of different collars: tab collar, reverse collar, shark collar, pin collar and club collar.

  • chemise luxe pour hommes paris
  • chemise luxe pour hommes paris
  • chemise luxe pour hommes paris
  • chemise luxe pour hommes paris
  • chemise luxe pour hommes paris
  • chemise luxe pour hommes paris

5 shirts finely striped and very elegant

chemise col anglais paris

Tab collar shirt

This type of shirt with a distinctive 1920's British style is notable for its contemporary twist. With a tie or bow tie, the tab collar shirt is a suitable model for festive occasions or in a professional outfit. The tab collar features a button placket to close the collar and join the two sides, giving it a chic look. Made of Sea Island cotton, it is very soft and comfortable to wear directly on the skin.

Reverse collar shirt

Since the reverse collar shirt is worn without a neck accessory - tie or bow tie - we added a white contrast collar for a dressier, dandy chic vibe. This distinctive Sea Island cotton garment will make a great addition to a gray or navy suit jacket and pants.

chemise pin collar paris

tissu exception chemise

Shark collar shirt

For our updated version of the Sea Island cotton fancy shirt, we have extended the length of the collar tips. Why this extension? For a very practical reason: with a length of 75 mm, the points fit perfectly on the lapels of a jacket. In addition, the collar length will be better suited for sophisticated tie knots such as the Windsor knot, Trinity knot or cross knot. With some practice, these different ways of tying a tie will be easy to master!

Pin collar shirt

The pin collar shirt is an excellent way to express elegance. This model, not very common in Europe, expresses masculine sophistication par excellence. It has two small stitched openings through which the needle is inserted. The stretch fabric of the Yoga range signed by the Italian weaver Albini allows the pin collar shirt to be worn all day without feeling uncomfortable.

chemise col epingle

chemise col rond

Club collar shirt

With its nice white neckline, the wrinkle-free club collar shirt from the Journey range by Thomas Mason takes on a retro chic look. The exceptional fabric and its blue stripes make this shirt a unique piece. Requiring little or no accessories, it will undoubtedly be the highlight of your next formal outfit!

The quality of a traditional, european manufacture

Made with love for a traditional craft

Made with care in our shirt atelier in Romania from a traditional Italian fabric Albiate 1830, our shirt are made with the highest attention to detail by our shirt artisans. Since 2016, we have entrusted the realisation of our designs to this manufacturer, who is ISO 9001 and OEKO-TEX SteP certified and passes on its centuries-old expertise over generations.

atelier chemise

qualite chemise

The quality pledge of our dress shirts

As with our other shirts, quality workmanship is paramount, so that you can enjoy your new garment for years to come. This includes:
- solid French seams with 7 stitches per cm,
- hem gussets reinforcing the side seams,
- stainless steel collar stays for better support,
- eco-friendly buttons with mother-of-pearl effect made of vegetal resin, cross-stitched,
- and a final horizontal buttonhole to avoid unwanted openings.

A modern fit

Our shirts are designed to add elegance to both your formal and casual outfits. This is reflected in our modern cuts: Starting from regular, our shirts are fitted and cut close to the body. Our slim and extra slim fits are even more figure-hugging on chest, waist and hips. Find out how to correctly take your measurements, as well as the detailed sizing information of our shirts in our size guide!

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