Super Durable Socks 5 Pack - Long Life

Super Durable Socks 5 Pack - Long Life

Durable socks for the (work) week and for life

  • Practical set of 5 super durable socks in classic colours
  • Very high abrasion resistance: Martindale laboratory tested socks (index> 10 000)
  • Strong and soft yarn made of 85% Egyptian cotton and 15% nylon
  • Traditional Italian production
  • Hand-linked for more comfort and durability
  • Five classic colours: Navy, midnight blue, black, bordeaux and pine green.
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The key word: durability

Our Long Life socks are super durable cotton socks that will keep you looking good from head to toe without worrying about pesky holes. We've worked until our socks fell off - no pun intended - to make socks that are both comfortable and durable.

To assure ourselves of the promised durability of our Long Life socks, we had them tested by an independent French laboratory using the Martindale method. This test was specially developed for testing the abrasion and pilling resistance of textiles. The result: our Long Life socks have a Martindale index of over 10,000!

Made of 85% Egyptian Giza 86 cotton and 15% nylon,our Long Life socks are available in a practical set of 5, for each day of the week. That is one thing less to worry about in the morning!

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Laboratory-tested durability

To ensure that our socks deliver on their promise, we have had our Long Life socks tested by an independent French laboratory (SMTLAB). SMTLAB is a laboratory specialised in testing and analysing all kinds of textiles. Our Long Life socks were put through their paces using the Martindale method. This simulates daily wear and tear in the areas of the socks that are subjected to the most stress, namely the heel and toes.

Martindale index > 10 000

To measure the Martindale index, a fabric sample is rubbed repeatedly against wool by machine under high pressure. This test lasted 61 hours, which is more than two and a half days without interruption! At the end, a wear number is determined (the Martindale index), which indicates at how many abrasion cycles the fabric starts to wear too much. Our Long Life socks have a Martindale index of > 10,000 abrasion cycles, which corresponds to very high durability.

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coton égyptien Giza 86

Egyptian cotton

To combine comfort and robustness, we have chosen one of the best varieties of cotton: Giza 86. This cotton is grown in a specific region of the Nile Delta and is known for its particularly long - 35 mm average fibre length - and strong yarns. An ideal basis for robust socks. The cotton for our ultra-strong socks is hand-picked and certified to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, Traceability and Fashion, Tessile e Salute, Better Cotton and Cotton for Life. Guaranteed environmentally and human friendly cultivation and processing.


Nylon is a synthetic fibre that is highly valued for its high resistance and its similarity to silk. It is therefore mainly used to make women's tights, sportswear and windbreakers. In short: clothing that has to perform a lot.

With the addition of 15% nylon, cotton becomes softer, more durable and quick-drying. By the way, if you are used to the fineness of pure Fil d'Ecosse socks, don't be surprised: our Long Life socks are slightly thicker.

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atelier de confection

An atelier of trust

Because you don't change a winning team, the atelier that makes our Long Life socks is the same one that makes all our other socks. Specialising in knitting socks, this family-run business from Piedmont, Italy, passes on its unique savoir-faire from generation to generation. And has been doing so for over 60 years now!

A hand-linked closing seam

Linking corresponds to the final stage of sock making, when the socks are "closed" at the toe. This step can be done by machine or by hand, and the difference between the two processes is clearly noticeable! Or not, because a hand-linked sock has such a fine seam that you hardly notice it. That's why we always choose the more elaborate but clearly more pleasant hand-linking.

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Classic but bright colours

The classic colours of our super strong Long Life socks are easy to wear and combine, but no less intense for that. For better colour adhesion, the yarn is dyed before weaving. This means that the durability of Long Life socks goes beyond abrasion resistance.

Thanks to the handy weekly pack, you can assign each day of the week to a specific colour. For fun, we imagined a typical week with Long Life socks. And, do you recognise yourself anywhere?

- Monday (Black) : Mondays are always a bit harder... but as soon as you've emptied your cup of coffee, everything falls back into place.

- Tuesday (Pine Green) : A morning jog? Lunch on the terrace? Time to get out in nature!

- Wednesday (Navy) : A delicious smell reminds us of the little seaside restaurant from our holiday.

- Thursday (Bordeaux) : After-work drinks: Time to open a nice bottle of red with your favourtie colleagues!

- Friday (Midnight Blue) : The first evening of the weekend is extended til late after midnight.

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