Durable socks Long Life - Pine green

Durable socks Long Life - Pine green

Why Long Life? Our super durable pine green socks have been tested by a French laboratory using the Martindale test method. This process allows to determine the resistance to rubbing and pilling during more than 61 hours. At the end of this experiment, a Martindale index is obtained: Long Life socks have a Martindale index >10 000 turns - not to be confused with a number of steps.

You can wear your Long Life socks with confidence, they are so strong you won't believe your eyes... well, your feet! The lovely deep pine green color of these super durable socks is a natural shade that makes you stand out in style.

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15 €

Hand-linked, mid-calf height. 3 sizes available : 39/41, 42/43, 44/46

Made in Italy. Our sock maker, whose atelier is located in Piedmont, Italy, between Milan and Lake Maggiore, has specialised in the manufacture of men's socks for over 60 years and is now run by the second generation of the same family.

85% Egyptian cotton, 15% nylon. Certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, Traceability and Fashion, Tessile e Salute, Better cotton and Cotton for Life.

Guarantees of quality:
Our Long Life socks have been tested by the independent French laboratory SMTLAB (Martindale test). This process measures the abrasion resistance of the fabric caused by friction. The abrasion coefficient is measured to obtain the Martindale index - expressed in number of rotations. Our Long Life socks have a Martindale index > 10 000 turns.

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