Crewneck Sweater Dark Green - Cashwool

Crewneck Sweater Dark Green - Cashwool

A wool sweater as soft as cashmere

  • 100% mulesing-free merino wool, OEKO-TEX® certified
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Slim fit
  • Made in Italy


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Details that make the difference:
Wool as soft as cashmere: Cashwool® 1978 by Zegna Baruffa
Resource-saving fully-fashioned fabrication
A timelessly elegant crewneck style

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300g natural softness

Cashwool® 1978 by Zegna Baruffa

That "Made in Italy" is a real reference in fashion is probably because it points to a traditional craftsmanship that has been lost in other countries. And in the field of wool, this savoir-faire can be found at Zegna Baruffa in the north of the country. It was this spinning mill that revolutionized the textile industry in the late 1970s with Cashwool®, a merino wool yarn as luminous as silk and as soft as cashmere. And it is this yarn, that we use for our knitwear.

100% extra-fine merino wool

Merino wool is renowned for its fineness. It is this fineness that gives it its softness and makes it so comfortable to wear on the skin. With an average fibre diameter of about 19.5 microns, merino wool is three times finer than the wool of any other sheep breed. Still hard to imagine the fineness? A human hair has a diameter of about 70 microns, more than three times that of a merino wool fibre.

cashwool zegna baruffa

Certified mulesing-free and OEKO-TEX®

Zegna Baruffa has been certified as an RWS company since 2019, using one of the few Australian wools that is guaranteed mulesing-free. The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) label ensures the welfare of sheep in wool production. In addition to better land management, the farmer commits, among other things, not to mulesing his sheep.


A different one each day

Bright colours that last

Apart from its incredible softness, the other special feature of Cashwool® 1978 is the luminosity and durability of the colours. The merino wool fibres used are so fine and white the colours are very well absorbed by the yarn when dyed.


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A fine all-season sweater

To judge a sweater, you need to know its weight and gauge. Of course, knowing these two values doesn't have the same effect as trying on the sweater and feeling its soft knit hug your body. But it is a good way to judge from a distance, e.g. when shopping online, its thickness and thus its seasonality.

The weight

In a sweater, the weight corresponds to its density. Ours has a combat weight of 300g, which officially puts it in the category of light winter sweaters.

Unofficially, a sweater of this weight is an all-season sweater, depending on the local climate and the way you wear it: directly on the skin it is ideal for the mid-season at 10-15°C, worn over a shirt it will accompany you all winter. You probably won't be able to go on a snow hike in Lapland with your Cashwool jumper, but it will keep you warm enough in everyday life. We'll just assume you throw on an additional jacket or coat when you go outside.

The gauge

The gauge number indicates the thickness of knitwear. It corresponds to the number of stitches in one inch (i.e. 2.54 cm). The higher the gauge, the finer the mesh of the sweater. The gauge of our Cashwool crewneck sweater is 14, which corresponds to a high fineness.

leightweight wool sweater

  • italien knitwear atelier
  • fully fashioned knitwear

Traditionally made in Italy

Over half a century old family knitting mill

In the late 1960s, the needles in our sweater knitting mill threaded for the first time. Almost half a century later, the small atelier near Florence in Italy, has become a company specialising in knitwear and accessories. But it is still the same family that runs the knitting machines.

A resources saving manufacturing method

To avoid the unnecessary waste of resources and at the same time achieve a better fit, our tailor makes all our sweaters using the fully-fashioned fabrication method. In this method, the different parts of the sweater are knitted directly into shape and then sewn together. The proportions are more harmonious, the seams are cleaner and more solid.

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