Merino cashmere knit beanie - Rust
Limited edition

Merino cashmere knit beanie - Rust

Knit beanie made from natural functional wool

The fibres of merino sheep are particularly long and fine, measuring only 19.5 microns on average. By comparison, a human hair is between 50 and 100 microns. Knitwear made of merino wool is therefore particularly soft and does not itch. Moreover, merino wool remains odourless despite days of wearing and sweating. This is due to the wool's natural fat, lanolin, which creates a microclimate in which bacteria do not multiply. Thermoregulating, antistatic and pill-resistant... this list could go on forever. Merino wool truly is the functional fibre of nature! And 90% of this super fibre is knitted in our ribbed beanies. The remaining 10% is cashmere, another of nature's soft wonders.

Trend colour rust for autumn and winter

Rust belongs to the colour family orange and is a warm shade reminiscent of autumn leaves. That's why rust goes wonderfully with other natural shades such as green, beige or brown. But other colours like navy blue, grey and black also pair well with this merino cashmere knit beanie.

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One size fits all - Chunky rib knit - Folded cuff


Made in Italy. Our manufacturer has been a specialist in knitted accessories for almost a century. The family business near Florence is now in its fourth generation. This historical know-how, handed down from generation to generation, is complemented with innovative and modern methods, like the revolutionary "Wholegarment" 3D knitting technique.


90% mulesing-free merino wool
10% cashmere


This beanie is very easy to care for because merino wool is antibacterial. So simply turn your beanie inside out and let it air out and dry. If a wash is unavoidable, wash the knitted beanie by hand and lay it out flat to dry.

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