Camel lambskin leather gloves with cashmere lining

Camel lambskin leather gloves with cashmere lining

A pair of soft, warm and supple leather gloves.

  • Full grain lambskin leather gloves with nappa protection
  • 100% cashmere lining in beige
  • Traditionally handmade in Naples, Italy
  • 3 stitched ribs on the back of the hand
  • Slit at the wrist and tone-on-tone piping


To keep your lambskin gloves supple, treat them at the beginning and end of the season with a special leather milk.

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lambskin leather gloves for men

The finest leather


In the same way that certain fabrics are better suited to certain garments in terms of use or style, in leather goods, certain leathers are reserved, or at least preferred, for the manufacture of gloves. A glove must be flexible, to allow enough freedom of movement, and warm, obviously, you wear them when it's cold. 

The leather that best meets these needs is lambskin: it's one of the most supple leathers, with a very fine grain, making it ideal for elegant leather gloves. And to add an extra layer, literally, the lambskin leather of our gloves has a nappa finish. This is a protective surface treatment to make smooth leather more resistant.

lambskin leather gloves

full grain leather gloves

The finest part of the leather

Full grain leather

When an animal skin is transformed into leather, i.e. after the tanning stage, there are three layers of leather: the full grain, the corrected grain and the split leather.

Full grain leather refers to the outer part of the animal's skin, where the hair is implanted. This is where the greatest density of fibres is found, which gives it its strength. Characterised by an incredible softness, this part of the leather is indisputably the finest and our first choice for the manufacture of our leather accessories.

The softest wool


How can you not pair the softest leather with the softest wool? Exactly! That's why our lambskin gloves have a 100% cashmere lining. To obtain these prized fibres, you not only have to travel to the other side of the world, to China, but also wait for winter. Only under very special climatic conditions, down to -40°C!, does the cashmere goat double its summer coat with the "guard". These long hairs protect the precious undercoat so that it remains intact until the spring shearing.

To protect your hands from the cold, you don't have to go to China or wait for winter! Moreover, as a natural material, cashmere is hypoallergenic and therefore respects the most sensitive skin.

lambskin leather gloves cashmere lining

4 colours to match all your outfits

Black, brown, navy blue and, new in 2021, camel:
4 classic colours to match your leather accessories, as they should be!

  • navy blue lambskin leather gloves
  • brown lambskin leather gloves
  • camel lambskin leather gloves
  • black lambskin leather gloves

A traditional Italian manufacture

100 years of know-how and 2 hours of work per glove

The secret and strength of Made in Italy is partly due to the country's regional specialisation. Thus, wool is knitted in the city of Biella in the north, and leather is fashioned in Naples, in the south of the country. Our Neapolitan glove atelier has been working with leather for several decades and four generations. And this is the second reason behind the quality of Made in Italy, the transmission of a traditional and artisanal know-how.

Artisanal is the key word when it comes to the manufacture of leather gloves: at least 2 hours of manual work are required for each pair of gloves! Makes sense, when you know there are no less than 10 stages of manufacture and that everything is done by hand.

leather gloves made in italy

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