The long sleeve polo shirt - Ultimate grey

The long sleeve polo shirt - Ultimate grey

The smart-casual alternative of the shirt

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Weight: 190g/m2 
  • Classic ribbed collar and hidden placket
  • Spun, knitted and manufactured in Portugal
  • Careful finishing: solid seams, reinforced hem gussets, cross-stitched mother-of-pearl look-a-like buttons made of eco-friendly plant resin



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Made in Portugal

100% organic cotton

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polo shirt long sleeves

The 3rd generation polo shirt

The long-awaited, long-sleeved version

Since we launched our first polo shirt in summer 2020, this elegant sportswear piece has immediately become one of our essentials. Revised this summer with your feedback, it will most certainly be back next year, but until then, it's the long-sleeved version's turn to take over for the cold season. And it's about time, because you've been asking for the long-sleeve polo shirt since before we even designed the short sleeved one.

The smart-casual alternative to the shirt

Polo shirts are chic and sporty and go with any outfit, making them a great alternative to a shirt. Thick enough to be worn alone with jeans or chinos, the long-sleeve polo shirt also fits well under a sweater, making the look more elegant with its collar sticking out. Whether it's for a smart-casual office look, an evening out with friends or a weekend family outing, the polo shirt is clearly one of those pieces you can combine endlessly.

long sleeves polo

long sleeves blue polo

An organic cotton piqué 100% Made in Portugal

A reduced carbon footprint

This long sleeve polo shirt was made entirely in Portugal. From spinning to knitting and from dyeing to manufacture, until it finally arrived at our warehouse, it has traveled less than 2000 km.

A piqué made from organic cotton

What makes a polo shirt authentic is not so much the cut, but the fabric. And the authentic knit of the polo shirt is the cotton piqué. Robust but airy and therefore very comfortable, the Portuguese knit of our long-sleeved polo shirt is made of 100% organic cotton. This popular plant fiber unfortunately comes with the major drawback of being quite water-intensive. Chosen from organic cultivation, this not only reduces water consumption, but also guarantees cultivation without pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers and GMO.

A weight of 190 g/m²

The weight of a shirt for mid-season is between 80 and 150 g/m², depending on the fabric. Above 150 g/m² it would be a winter shirt. For comparison, a sweater made of fine knit, like our crewneck sweater, weighs about 300 g/m². The organic cotton polo shirt with long sleeves has a weight of 190 g/m² and is thus heavier than a winter shirt, but the relief of the cotton piqué makes it pleasantly flowing and breathable.

Two easy-to-wear colors that are not quite so ordinary after all

Ultimate grey and midnight blue, these are the two classic but strong shades that start the era of our long sleeve polo shirt.

  • Polo manches longues Paris
  • Polo manches longues Paris
  • Polo manches longues Paris
  • Polo manches longues Paris
  • Polo manches longues Paris
  • Polo manches longues Paris

A classic since the 30s

A thick, ribbed collar

If you take a look at our dress shirts and short-sleeved polo shirts, you'll see we like to play with different collar styles: From classic to modern, with a little preference for intriguing collars and contrasting colors. But when it comes to the organic cotton long-sleeved polo shirt, we've exercised restraint. First, because most of you voted for a classic collar, and second, because the classic polo shirt collar is the timeless signature style of this sportswear piece as we know it. It's how René Lacoste made it popular in the 30s, and it's how we'll still be wearing it 30 years from now. To that end, this collar is knit in 1x1 ribs, which gives it the thickness and stiffness needed to ensure a good collar stand.

And to make it stay perfectly in shape, do as you do with your shirts: iron it.

long sleeves polo for men

A fit that stays

A modern, figure-hugging cut

Modern and figure-hugging, what does that mean? The polo shirt is cut slightly taken in at the waist to avoid the unflattering potato sack effect, but at the same time it does not fit uncomfortably tight to the body. The sleeves fall loosely without leaving too much room. After all, we weren't all blessed with Popeye's biceps.

A calculated run-in

With its airy knit, cotton piqué is known to shrink when washed. So we had ours tested in the Atelier. The result: the knit shrinks by 5% in the 1st wash and remains stable in subsequent washes. This difference was easily corrected by adding the appropriate length to our measurement chart.

A correct care

If there's one thing you shouldn't put a polo shirt through, it's the dryer! Wash your polo shirt at 30°C and let it air dry on a hanger.

long sleeves quality polo

Confection polos homme

A shirt quality manufacturing

We have entrusted the manufacture of our polo shirts to our neighbors in Portugal. The workmanship is qualitatively at the same level of our shirts to create a garment that will last. The stitching is meticulous, uniform and sturdy, right down to the ends of the sleeves, which end with 6 cm wide 1x1 ribbed cuffs. As for the buttons, we recently made a radical change as they are now all made of mother-of-pearl lookalike eco-friendly plant resin, but still cross stitched.

A trusted atelier

We are proud to be able to work with this manufacturer who meets all our criteria in terms of ethics and sustainability. In addition to the recognized high quality of the garments, the atelier follows a strict, socially responsible code of conduct.

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