Bermuda shorts beige
Limited edition

Bermuda shorts beige

The relaxed but chic shorts with elastic waist

  • 84 % cotton and 16 % linen
  • Fabric weight: 250 g/m2
  • Woven in Spain
  • Straight fit
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69 €

Details that make the difference
For more elegance: inner seams with piping
For more nonchalance: rolled up hem and tone-on-tone drawstring
For more security: Italian pockets with a hidden zipped pocket
For more comfort: elastic waistband
For more fun: patterned pocket lining

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The bermuda shorts

A grown up and office friendly shorts

Like many other comfortable and practical garments that have survived the test of time, the bermuda shorts seem to have military origins. As with chinos, it was the British Army that invented these short and comfortable trousers we love to wear in the summer. Stationed in the Bermudas in the 19th century, the soldiers were looking for a uniform more suitable for the climatic conditions than their long trousers. Without further ado, they were cut off at knee level, while the rest of the British uniform remained strictly formal with blazer, tie and knee high socks. Later, bermudas became more associated with children's clothing, as part of the mandatory school uniforms.

Today, the name "bermudas" has been somewhat replaced by the general term shorts. However, bermudas and shorts are by no means the same thing! And since they are shortened trousers, the difference between the two lies mainly in their length. Thus, bermudas should end just above the knee and shorts at mid-thigh.

So, in a way, the bermuda shorts are the more professionally acceptable "adult" version, while the shorts should be better reserved for weekends.


bermudas with elastic waistband

For relaxed comfort

Elastic waistband and drawstring

In addition to the usefulness of a garment, we believe that comfort is the most important criterion for it to become an essential of one's wardrobe. After all, when you feel comfortable in your clothes, it shows!

And that's exactly why we designed our bermuda shorts with an elastic waistband. In addition, it features a classic button and zipper closure. The same-colored drawstring provides additional support and makes the shorts look even cooler and more relaxed.

And maximum security

Hidden zipper pocket

Let's return to the usefulness of a garment. This criterion is too often neglected in manufacturing, because the industry prioritizes style or low manufacturing costs.

To enjoy summer with ease, we decided to include a hidden zipper pocket in the right front pocket. So you can no longer lose your keys, money or cell phone when you are out and about in the summer.

bermudas mint green

How to wear bermuda shorts?

Shorts and bermudas are not necessarily among the most elegant clothes. Therefore, you shouldn't aim for too much formality with this type of pants. Ours lean even more towards the casual and relaxed side with their elastic waistband and drawstring. That's why we prefer to wear them casually with a t-shirt and sneakers. With a polo shirt or a shirt with a casual collar, such as the button-down collar, you can still add some elegance to the bermuda shorts. Open over a layering-style T-shirt or buttoned up and with the sleeves rolled up, the bermuda becomes the uniform of the elegant vacationer. A shirt with a short stand-up collar, such as the mandarin collar, can add even more sophistication to your summer outfit. Our goal is that you can reach for these shorts without worry, with the guarantee of comfort and ease of combination.

How to wear bermuda shorts

A blend of linen and cotton

The rough beauty softens up

Towards the summer, people are looking for more lightness. Whether it's layers of clothing or waist size. It's not for nothing that gym membership numbers increase with the onset of the warm season. However, it's not enough to swap long-sleeved tops for short-sleeved ones and chinos for shorts. It also comes down to choosing the right materials.

And the ideal material for summer is linen! This eco-friendly fiber is very durable, light and airy. As a natural material, it is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The only downside might be that linen has a tendency to wrinkle easily. For some it's the natural charm of linen, for others it's a chore to iron. To soften the rough beauty a bit, we opted for a blend of linen and cotton from our Spanish weaver Santanderina. The result: a fabric that meets the climatic requirements of the warm season, but is still easy to maintain.

bermuda shorts in linen blend

What is garment dyeing?

When a material is spun, be it cotton, linen or wool, the yarn is natural or white. To give garments a different color, manufacturers have several options: yarn dyeing, roller dyeing or garment dyeing. In garment dyeing, the final product is completely immersed in the desired dye. Unlike dyeing yarn or rolls of fabric, the color cannot be 100% controlled in this way and therefore imprints differently on seams, pocket edges or belt loops. The result is a beautiful, slightly vintage patina that will only get more beautiful with time.

During the summer, most men live in shorts. If the office dress code isn't flexible enough to wear them during the day, it's usually the first thing one does when getting home: swapping the suit or chinos for shorts before playing with the kids or firing up the grill with friends. With garment dyeing, it's a life you can see. Just like your favorite pair of jeans or your leather jacket.

relaxed bermuda shorts with elastic waist

Behind our casual collection

A thoroughly tested partner atelier

For this summer, we've released quite a few new casual pieces: the overshirt, the lightweight sweater and the chinos in two versions.

While we consider ourselves experts in men's shirts, casual garments and especially trousers offer us a new and fun field to explore. That's why we've taken our time over the past three years to carefully design each of these garments. After all, comfort and durability are just as important as a cut that suits as many different body shapes as possible.

The atelier where this collection is made was established in 2004 and is located in Northern Tunisia. They are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, committed to sustainable development and have recently been audited by WeDressFair, an online store and medium for ethically and environmentally responsible fashion brands.

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