Chinos linen and cotton - beige
Limited edition

Chinos linen and cotton - beige

The light chinos for summer

  • 84 % cotton and 16 % linen
  • Fabric weight: 250 g/m2
  • Woven in Spain
  • Semi-slim fit


These chinos do not contain elastane.
If you are unsure about sizes, we recommend to size up.

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Details that make the difference
For more elegance: inner seams with piping and double buttoned corozo placket
For more security: Italian pockets with a hidden zipped pocket
For more comfort: elastic waistband at the back
For more fun: patterned pocket lining

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The light chinos for summer

Chinos are super easy to match because they are both smart and casual. You can create countless different looks with a pair of chinos, so they're a great everyday piece. This spring we first launched the classic, all-season chino trousers made from a hard-wearing cotton twill.

Then, with the first warm days, came a taste of summer: lunch breaks on the café terrace, picnics in the park and the first ice cream of the year. We immediately felt like adapting our wardrobe to the summer season with bright or colorful clothes and light materials.

The charm of linen with the advantages of cotton

There we had this pair of trouser, that can be worn every day, so we clearly had to design a summer version of the classic chinos. And the star material of summer is undoubtedly linen. Because linen is absorbent, light and airy, and at the same time durable. However, linen is also very prone to wrinkles and is often considered too casual for certain occasions.

So to balance out the rough beauty of linen, we opted for a blended linen and cotton fabric, with a majority of cotton and a medium fabric weight. This results in light chinos with the texture of linen, without the wrinkles.

To find all our tips on how to wear chinos, check out our chino style guide.

the light chinos

A lightweight chino with solid features

slim fit chinos

Slim fitted, neatly sewn

These chinos are the summer version of our first pair of chino trousers. So we made sure to keep what worked for the first one and adapted the fabric to the temperatures and the style to the casual ease of summer. The cut is slim without being tight, for a modern and timeless silhouette.

The inside seams are piped, which means they are covered at their extremities with a strip of fabric that prevents the fabric from fraying during washing. The result is not only more durable, but also looks much better. Especially if you want to wear the trousers casually turned up.

Half elastic, maximum comfort

The linen and cotton fabric of the light chinos contains no elastane, so they are less stretchy than our classic chinos. In order not to lose comfort, we have added an elastic band to the back of the waistband of the trousers, just like on our technical trousers.

You can also wear the lightweight chino with a belt, but the double buttoned corozo placket looks very chic even without an accessory.

Hands free, pockets full

Summer is the time to live free and careless! No need to lug around a scarf or coat. Just throw on a pair of lightweight trousers and a linen shirt, put on a pair of shoes and grab your sunglasses - off you go to enjoy the beautiful summer sun.

But where to put your keys? Or with your cell phone? To avoid tempting pickpockets at the restaurant terrace and to keep your hands free, we've also added a hidden zipper pocket into the front right pocket of these lightweight chinos.

How to wear chinos in the summer?

Chinos are the ideal base for looks that seem more complicated than they are. It's the perfect balance between casual and dressy, which is why they can be worn for any occasion and in any way you can imagine: with a shirt and derbys for a Monday morning meeting, with a polo shirt and moccasins for lunch on the terrace, and with a t-shirt and sneakers for a stroll around town. Going to a summer wedding? Chinos are a casual alternative to a suit! You can pair them with a jacket, shark collar shirt and tie or bow tie to create a casual smart mismatch look. Or, you could go for a minimalist look with simply a stand-up collar shirt. With chinos, it's always the other parts of your outfit that will define your look.

Read our styling tips on how to match the color of your chinos.

looks with chinos

Mediterranean fabrics and fabrication

A summery blend of linen and cotton

When we were working on our summer collection, the style and cut of the different garments were easily found. The fabric selection, however, required a bit more effort! Because we had to make sure the fabric would meet the climatic requirements of the season, but at the same time remain easy to care for. And we found the ideal blend for our summer collection at our Spanish weaving mill Santanderina.

Cotton makes up the basis with 84%, to which 16% linen is added. Together, this makes for a durable but light and breathable fabric that wrinkles much less than a pure linen fabric. And in terms of looks, linen gives the trousers a beautiful texture that is perfect for summer outfits.

linen and cotton chinos

What is garment dyeing?

When a material is spun, be it cotton, linen or wool, the yarn is natural or white. To give garments a different color, manufacturers have several options: yarn dyeing, roller dyeing or garment dyeing. In garment dyeing, the final product is completely immersed in the desired dye. Unlike dyeing yarn or rolls of fabric, the color cannot be 100% controlled in this way and therefore imprints differently on seams, pocket edges or belt loops. The result is a beautiful, slightly vintage patina that will only get more beautiful with time.

Chinos are trousers that are meant to live, accompanying you day and night: from business meetings to after-work parties and from family dinners to evenings out with friends. With garment dyeing, it's a life you can see. Just like your favorite pair of jeans or your leather jacket.

summer chinos

A thoroughly tested partner atelier

It took us three years to make our first pair of chinos. That may sound like a long time, but trousers are a very complex garment to design, because comfort and durability are just as important as a fit that suits as many different body types as possible. We had to test many fabrics, adjust the cut by an inch here and there, and change manufacturers a few times before we finally had the chinos in our hands that we want to wear every day from now on.

The atelier we trust to make our chinos, shorts and shackets was founded in 2004 and is located in northern Tunisia. It is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, committed to sustainable development and have recently been audited by WeDressFair, an online store and medium for ethical and environmentally responsible fashion brands.

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