Overshirt linen and cotton - Olive green
Limited edition

Overshirt linen and cotton - Olive green

The perfect layering piece

  • 84 % cotton and 16 % linen
  • Fabric weight: 250 g/m²
  • Woven in Spain
  • Casual fit
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99 €

Details that make the difference:
Original style of the buttoned shacket with classic collar
Chest pockets with buttons
Slanted side pockets with hidden zipper pocket
Sturdy, natural and responsible corozo buttons

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  • Overshirt linen and cotton blend
  • Overshirt linen and cotton blend
  • Overshirt linen and cotton blend
  • Overshirt linen and cotton blend
  • Overshirt linen and cotton blend

The lightweight overshirt

The ideal layering piece in workwear style

The overshirt, also known as a shacket (short for shirt + jacket), is still somewhat new to the list of men's wardrobe essentials, yet it's not yesterday's news!

Like many garments that have achieved the status of "timeless essentials", the overshirt has its origins in the military. The so-called "Battle Dress Uniform", was robust, comfortable and with the many pockets above all very practical. The working class then adopted this shirt-like jacket for the same reasons for which the soldiers appreciated it. Eventually, numerous fashion brands adopted it, making this workwear jacket so popular over the last 40 years that it finally made it on the famous list of essential garments for men (and women, for that matter).

Combining the elegance of a shirt with the comfort and practicality of a jacket, the overshirt is the ideal layering piece: worn open or buttoned, over a plain t-shirt or a dressy business shirt, under a denim jacket or a wool coat, the casual elegant simplicity of the overshirt sets no limits to the possible combinations. Ideal for mid-season, it becomes a sweater and a jacket at the same time and is a more casual alternative to an unlined blazer.

And it is all these qualities that ensure this garment clearly deserves a place in our essentials.

Leightweight overshirt

Details that make the difference

The four C's: classic collar and casual cut

To make this overshirt as easy to wear as we promised, we kept it simple, efficient and classic. True to the original style of the overshirt.

The cut is casual, meaning it's straight without being oversized, with a very slightly rounded hem.

We kept the collar classically straight, with a collar leaf length of 6 cm. This results in a collar that suits everyone and the ideal balance to wear this shacket with both, crewneck T-shirts or sweaters as well as shirts with classic collars.

Overshirt with classic collar

Overshirt with breast pockets

Want some pockets? We have plenty

In the past, clothing was designed primarily with practicality in mind, whether for hard work, sports or special climatic conditions. As already mentioned, the overshirt was inspired by army wear. Back then, the shirt jacket had two buttoned breast pockets, where important things could be easily and safely stored. This proved to be useful, so we kept them in our design.

And to make the overshirt even more practical, we decided to add two slanted side pockets. This way you can casually walk around with your hands in your pockets. Bonus: The right pocket has a hidden zipper. So you can keep your keys or cell phone safe.

The tough stuff: corozo buttons

This overshirt has many buttons: from the placket to the chest pockets to the sleeves. So we needed a particularly strong material that would not stray away from the elegance of the shacket or our environmental consciousness. We found these criteria in corozo.

Corozo, also known as Tagua or "vegetal ivory," grows on the tagua palm tree in South America. It is actually the protein of the seed of this palm that serves as the base material for the eco-friendly buttons. Naturally shiny and with an inimitable fine grain, corozo buttons are also scratch-resistant and extremely durable. So button up or down your shacket as much as you like, these buttons can take a lot!

Overshirt innatura colors

How to wear the overshirt?

As the name suggests, an overshirt is a garment that is worn over something following the styling principle of layering. And even though the name might suggest it is more of a shirt, the overshirt is actually more worn as a jacket. When the weather is nice it therefore becomes the outer layer and in cold weather it's worn more like a cardigan under a coat. Open or closed, casual or dressy, with the sleeves rolled up or not - there are (almost) no style limits with the shacket.

How to wear overshirts

Mediterranean fabrics and fabrication

A blend of linen and cotton

For a durable yet breathable fabric

For a summery overshirt, there is no magic recipe. You simply have to choose a fabric made of materials that meet the climatic requirements of the season. Cotton makes up 84% of our shacket, while linen makes up the remaining 16%. Absorbent, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, durable, lightweight, airy - and the list goes on. The bottom line is that we have two natural materials with many properties that are highly valued in the summer and complement each other beautifully in our lightweight overshirt. And as far as looks go, linen adds a light but very nice texture that is perfect for summer looks.

This summery fabric is made in Spain, from the same centuries-old weaver, who provides the fabric for our chinos. This positive experience and the shared belief in a responsible textile industry led us to selet yet another fabric from their catalog.

Linen overshirt

What is garment dyeing?

When a material is spun, be it cotton, linen or wool, the yarn is natural or white. To give garments a different color, manufacturers have several options: yarn dyeing, roller dyeing or garment dyeing. In garment dyeing, the final product is completely immersed in the desired dye. Unlike dyeing yarn or rolls of fabric, the color cannot be 100% controlled in this way and therefore imprints differently on seams, pocket edges or belt loops. The result is a beautiful, slightly vintage patina that will only get more beautiful with time.

Overshirts are meant to live and accompanying you day and night: from business meetings to after-work parties and from family dinners to evenings out with friends. With garment dyeing, it's a life you can see. Just like your favorite pair of jeans or your leather jacket.

overshirt for men

Responsibly Made in Tunisia

A tried and tested atelier

So we had found the right fabric: hard-wearing, yet breathable and comfortable. Now we just had to find the atelier that could produce what we had designed on paper: a smart casual overshirt with a sartorial finish at a reasonable price. We have found this atelier when we were working on our chinos on the other side of the Mediterranean, opposite of our weaver, in northern Tunisia. Founded in 2004, the atelier is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and is committed to sustainable development. It was recently audited by WeDressFair, an online store and medium for ethical and environmentally responsible fashion brands.

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