Shark collar perfomance shirt - Light blue stripes
Limited edition

Shark collar perfomance shirt - Light blue stripes

The cotton shirt with functional features

  • Technical pinpoint fabric: breathable, quick-dry, stretch
  • 75% cotton and 25% Lycra® T400®
  • Weight: 147 g/m2
  • Shark collar and French placket
  • Traditional European manufacture
  • Sartorial features
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Details that make the difference:
An innovative high-performance fabric that combines the natural feel and aspect of cotton with functional features.
Tailoring worthy of a made-to-measure garment: French seams with 7 stitches per cm, reinforced hem gussets, cross-stitched mother-of-pearl look-a-like buttons made of eco-friendly plant resin, final horizontal buttonhole

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High performance fabrics for everyday wear

Comfort meets elegance

These days, everything is designed to be easier, faster and more efficient. We've become accustomed to having everything just a click away: a doctor's appointment, a healthy meal, a fitness class. Wherever you want, whenever you want. And every gadget has to do more and more: glasses, cell phones and even toothbrushes are expected to perform more functions than those for which they were originally intended. The same goes for clothing.

The three-piece suit should be as elegant and refined as if it had just come from the tailor, and as comfortable to wear as a track suit. Breathable, quick-drying, moisture-wicking - these terms used to apply only to functional clothing from outdoor brands. Today, they are increasingly sought after and even expected in everyday clothing. Call it "stylish comfort" or "functional chic". The fact is that we are no longer willing to suffer for elegance. A trend that is strongly supported with the increase of working from home and relaxed office dress codes.

A shirt with natural looks
and functional properties

The shirt is probably the piece of urbain clothing from which you expect the most in terms of functionality, and where, paradoxically, you are least willing to sacrifice elegance.


We are convinced that feeling comfortable in one's clothes has a direct impact on the elegance one exudes and, in parallel, on one's general mood. A stiff shirt, which makes you sweat and which tightens with every movement, is a shirt that you will be relieved to take off as soon as you get home. The performance shirt, on the other hand, is so silky soft and breathable you could sleep in it. Ideal for long work days and train or plane travel.

Durable stretch

Do you ride to work by bike every day? Do you take the kids for a round of soccer in the park after work? If you're on the move a lot and need to wear shirt to work, you need stretch! The technical fabric of the Performance Shirt adapts to your movements and keeps its shape.


An elegant shirt worn close to the body has to withstand a lot: Elbows rubbing on office or bar tables, you tuck it into your pants several times a day, and you wash it frequently to get rid of sweat, odors and stains. One of the functional features of performance fabric aims to significantly increase durability against wear and tear and maintenance such as washing out or loss of shape.

Easy care

What's the most important requirement for a beautiful shirt? Making sure it's nice and smooth. And what's the task that bugs shirt wearers the most? Making sure it's smooth. But a wrinkled shirt is like instant coffee, an imposition. That's why the fabric in our Performance Shirt is wrinkle-resistant and can be ironed easily and quickly. As efficient as an espresso.

And, of course, all with a natural look and feel!

But how can one fabric take on so many responsabilities, you ask?
The answer: because they are woven into it!

  • How is perfomance fabric made
  • How is perfomance fabric made
  • How is perfomance fabric made
  • How is perfomance fabric made

The innovative mix
of natural and functional

This is not our first performance shirt. Although we've always had reservations about the idea of mixing synthetic and natural fibers, our first performance shirt, the Cool & Move shirt, proved us (and some of you) wrong. It showed that innovative material blends can complement or enhance the natural beauty of a fibre like cotton.

And that's exactly what the high-performance fabric in this shirt collection does: 25% Lycra® T400® adds functional properties to the 75% cotton while maintaining its natural beauty.

Lycra® T400®

T400® is a stretch fiber without elastane, developed by The Lycra Company. Lycra® T400® consists of not one but two different polymers and was marketed primarily for denim, which speaks to its high durability. Combined with cotton, the stretchy fiber was woven into an innovative and elegant Pinpoint fabric by Mileta, one of the most known European weavers in the field of shirting fabrics.

Pinpoint is a more formal version of the Oxford fabric. It is finer and thus visually approaches poplin, but retains the grainy look of the oxford weave. 

The quality of a european manufacture

A century old shirt maker

Our performance shirts are made with the utmost care in our shirt atelier near the Moldovan border.

Since 2016, we have entrusted the realisation of our designs to this atelier, which is ISO 9001 and OEKO-TEX SteP certified and has passed on its centuries-old expertise for generations.

Mastering the sartorial art

As with all our other shirts, quality workmanship is paramount, so that you can enjoy your new garment for years to come.

This includes:

- Solid French seams with 7 stitches per cm

- Hem gussets reinforcing the side seams

- Eco-friendly mother-of-pearl lookalike buttons made of vegetal resin, cross-stitched

- And a final horizontal buttonhole to avoid unwanted openings

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