Flannel suit blue
Limited edition

Flannel suit blue

The elegant two-piece to wear as a set or separately

  • 90% wool and 10% cashmere
  • Four season weight: 295 g/m²
  • Haf-canvas construction
  • Modern slim fit


Our suits are sold as a set with a drop of 6 between the jacket and the trousers. This gap has proven to be suitable for the majority of men.

Size :
Indisponible en ligne

343 €

490 €


Details that make the difference:
Italian fabric suitable for all year round
Solid construction with a natural fit
Timeless style inspired by Italian elegance
Traditional European tailoring

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The two-piece

The uniform of the modern gentleman

For a long time, suits were considered the work uniform of Wall Street businessmen to salespeople in all industries. With the new ways of working like home office & co, for many suits became almost useless and forgotten.

Yet the suit was once the everyday attire of every respectable man, as it elegantly accentuates the masculine stature without much effort. And this is even more true today, because suits can be worn with a lot more stylistic freedom than in former days: with a classic shirt and tie, with a modern stand-up collar shirt or simply with a crewneck or turtleneck. It's the same with shoes: suits can be worn with ankle boots and sneakers just as well as with formal derbies.

Worn separately or as a set

A suit usually consists of two pieces, and on very special occasions even three pieces if you add a vest. But you don't necessarily have to wear the suit as a two-piece, because the suit trousers can be combined with a shirt and a wool coat, for example, for an elegant but less formal look.

wool flannel two-piece

Well draped:
Italian wool flannel and half canvas construction

Wool cashmere suit

A wool flannel fabric with a pinch of cashmere

When looking for a good suit, whether for everyday wear or a special occasion, looking at the textile label is crucial.

Ours features a beautiful blend of 90% wool and 10% cashmere from Zignone. This renowned Italian weaving mill has been based in the traditional wool town of Biella for over half a century. An ideal condition for high-quality suits, since it is wool that gives a suit the best drape and the most comfort. Cashmere, on the other hand, provides the extra portion of softness and noblesse.

A solid half-canvas construction

The fabric is the first thing that catches your eye when you buy a new suit. And you can usually get a good idea of its quality. Less easy to spot, but at least as important is the construction! It is what gives the jacket body, resistance and comfort - or not.

Our suit jackets are made in half-canvas construction. Meaning a canvas made of horsehair is sewn between the outer fabric shell and the inner lining of the upper jacket part, giving more suppleness and a natural drape. Since the lower part of the jacket is less stressed it is simply fused in a half-canvas construction.

Half Canvas construction

*What is meant by the construction of a suit jacket?

The construction of a suit jacket refers to the way the suit canvas is incorporated between the fabric and the lining, and can be figuratively described as the skeleton of a suit. It determines how well a suit drapes, how comfortable it fits, how long it lasts, and how expensive it is. This inlay can be inserted in three different ways, from the cheapest to the most expensive method of making: fused or glued, half-canvas or semi-traditional, or full-canvas or traditional.

To learn how to recognize a high quality suit, visit our suit maker page.

Italian eleganza

Slim fit suit

A single breasted jacket with medium wide lapel

The italian style jacket has 8.5 cm wide notch lapels for harmonious proportions. The two buttons at waist level and the two back vents create a slim silhouette. 

A natural stature

The light constructed shoulder line follows the shape of the body, and the back length extends to about mid-buttocks.

A flexible pocket style 

For the pockets, we opted for the flexible style of piped flap pockets, so that the flaps can be tucked into the pocket for an elegant jetted pocket look.

Horn buttons

All the buttons are made of horn and harmonize with the fabric. The first two of the four buttonholes on the sleeves are closed, so you can adjust the length of the sleeves.

And for the bottoms?

The semi slim fit makes them timeless, the double button waistband with zipper makes them classic, and the extra fabric in the seams, as well as the unfinished hem makes them perfectly customizable.

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