Chambray and denim shirts - casual and elegant

Chambray and Denim Shirt

Flagship materials this season. Raw or stone-washed, they bring character to your outfits, while ensuring optimal comfort.

Discover our various fabrics, made in Europe in the most prestigious fabric houses.

The Chambray's origin

Chambray is a woven fabric made of cotton or linen and originates from the North of France. It is named after the small town of Cambrai. Chambray often has the appearance of faded jeans, but there are also other various colour possbilities with this fabric.

A shirt loaded of history

In 1901, the U.S. Navy incorporated this fabric into its uniforms because of its lightness and robustness. Until the end of the Second World War, American soldiers wore a chambray shirt on top of their white shirt. At the time, this shirt quickly became the ultimate shirt of workers around the world.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and icons of the Hollywood industry popularised the chambray shirt. Chambray reached the pinnacle of chic when it was made with the expertise of Italian tailors. The chambray shirt then becomes smoother and more refined.

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The making of a chambray shirt

Chambray is an essential fabric with a strong personality. Its raw appearance and natural indigo hue means that it is often confused with denim. Timeless, the chambray shirt is the must-have for casual chic looks. This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for mid-season or summer temperatures. The weave of the chambray blends a white (unbleached) thread paired with an indigo thread.

Its blue colour is obtained by washing the fabric (also called stone-washed). Several washes were necessary to obtain this particular shade. Our shirts are made of Italian chambray (smooth and plain) from Albini Spinning Mill and our accessories are made of Japanese textured chambray with some reliefs.

The features of a chambray shirt

Chambray differs from denim in several ways. Chambray shirts are generally lighter than denim and often made from cotton or linen. It is the ideal fabric for your summer escapings as the fibers in chambray shirts are natural and allow air to circulate more easily. The chambray shirt is also very soft to the touch and has a subtle sheen thanks to the finishing process.

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The looks to match with a chambray shirt

Depending on the season, a chambray shirt can also be a great way to refine your look: in autumn, wear it under a slim-fitting wool jumper, with a chino and boots. To stay stylish in winter, slip on a leather aviator jacket over your chambray shirt and your jumper, accompanied by raw jeans and leather boots.

Take your favourite chambray shirt with you for the "farniente" holiday look! Whether it's on the beach, open over a white T-shirt and shorts, or out for a walk with cargo trousers and sunglasses, the chambray shirt will go everywhere with you.

For a workwear look, a chambray shirt buttoned all the way up will look very avant-garde when paired with flared jeans and patent derbies or with a bomber, raw denim and a nice tie with a mottled effect.

Finally, for the most daring people, a chambray shirt can enhance a business look. You can combine it with a suit or to bring casual chic to the office with a blazer, dark tie, velvet trousers or chino.

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