Men belts - More elegance in your daily life


THE NINES belts have been designed to meet the goal of ensuring elegance and impeccable quality. Essential accessory for any type of outfit, the belt dresses and structures your outfit in addition to its useful aspect.

The Nines belts: an invitation to travel

The belt is, in general, the accessory one least thinks of in terms of style. However, the belt should not be dismissed, since it actually has an impact on your figure, not to mention its main purpose, which is to hold up your trousers. That is why The Nines wishes today to highlight the importance of the belt in terms of style and elegance. The men's belt is one of the necessities in an elegant man's wardrobe. Navigate through The Nines' styles and get yourself a belt that suits you.

A journey between French elegance and Italian expertise

The materials used in the manufacturing of our belts are chosen with great care so as to offer you belts of uncompromising quality. Our workshop in Italy meticulously searches for the best leathers, and the manufacturing is carried out with great care in order to offer you different types of belts: reversible belts and braided belts, suit belts.

A journey through time: from ancient craftsmanship to modern textures and colours

The Nines pays particular attention to the materials used in order to offer you belts that are not only of high quality, but also pleasant to the touch. The longstanding experience and comprehensive expertise of our tanners allows them to treat the leather in such a way that allows them to preserve the suppleness of its grain and to obtain a nice velvety look. We offer different types of belts in various widths, lengths and colours so that you can incorporate style and elegance in to your outfits. We offer leather belts, reversible belts, braided elastic belts, suede beltsprofessional belts and nubuck belts in a variety of styles.

An imaginary journey: details that will take you away

Most of our leather belts are both classic and original so that they match with any kind of outfit. Leather or suede belts go just as well with a suit as with a more casual look. Don't neglect this accessory which can make a different in your outfit and give you a bit of originality!