Where do our shirts come from ?


A luxury fabric
The fabric called "two-ply" does not designate a weaving technique but a fabric quality.

To make them, we mostly select two-ply cotton fabrics from reputable European supplier.

This allows us to guarantee high strength throughout the life of the shirt. The two-ply cloth is more silky than the simple twisted-ply type. It is composed of a double chain thread with a double weft thread. The cotton used generally comes from Egypt, the most renowned type for quality.

chemise double retors

Double ply cotton shirt.

Authentic and modern clothing
The quality of our shirts is a sign of authentic and modern know-how.

This is why the manufacturing is done entirely in Eastern Europe. A true standard-setter for the big names of fashion, his rare expertise is combined with careful quality control.

We are particularly interested to visit them regularly to certify the quality of our shirts and the attention given to their manufacture.

confection chemise

We ensure the close monitoring of the design process, from the spool of thread down to the distribution of the shirt.

Marking out the pattern and cutting the fabric

The pattern is selected according to the size and cut of the shirt. The fabric is then cut out along the lines of the pattern. The craftsmen of our workshops give very special attention to this step which must be regular to ensure the accuracy of the following steps.

patron chemise

Putting the pieces together

The resulting fabric pieces are assembled with all the care necessary to obtain a shirt devoid of any imperfections. The finishes that are applied, such as the sharpness of the close seams (6 stitches per centimeter), or the perfect alignment of the stitching in the armpits, perfectly reflect the precision of the assembly.

stich density

Accurate finishes are guaranteed on our sensibly-priced shirts.

A meticulous quality control

Once assembled, our shirts are ironed to perfect their elegance and strength. They are then subjected to an initial quality control in our workshops. Finally, they are sent to our Paris office so we can ensure the perfect quality of our products.

bouton en croix

The buttons are cross stitched for a better grip.

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