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Our winter collection 2015, resolutely chic and elegant, is inspired by the history of masculine elegance, by way of its accessories. Accessories have always been used to achieve a certain sartorial excellence. In professional circles, in which refined dress is obligatory, accessories quickly became common. As in the world of investment banks or law firms, we see in these circles a quest for perfection that finds expression especially in the clothes people wear: the suit reflects the confidence of the man wearing it.

This aspect of dress is affirmed by wearing clothes and accessories that have lasted down through the years, to assert themselves today as the basis of masculine elegance. Of course we are talking about ties, shirts and cufflinks. Given that they are becoming common and popular in most walks of life, the business world has distinguished itself by keeping a strong link with sharp codes of elegance.

Along these lines, THE NINES is committed to offering a refined and focussed collection that caters to modern men in search of sophistication and perfection in details in order to set them apart from the crowd.

True to our previous inspirations, THE NINES has combined sophistication with the world of travel that is so important today in most sectors. This convergence has given birth to the Business Class collection, which is defined by reference to the excellence that its name and its history suggest.

THE NINES Classe Affaires


Boutons de manchette Jet - La Guardia

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An essential accessory for your business outfit, the cufflinks of our new collection are available in a variety of refined, unusual and precious forms.

Whether you are a lover of sophisticated mechanisms or a fan of fine watches, you can give new life to time itself by discovering our cufflinks range dedicated to watchmaking. The new range presents a new take on the complex machinery of clockwork by offering cufflinks with functioning watch movements.

Boutons de manchette - horlogerie, montre

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True to its culture, THE NINES presents an unusual range and invites you to take a trip around the world by putting on the Globe Trotter model while taking on life at 1000 km/h at the controls of the La Guardia model!



Cravate grenadine de soie marron

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Pictured as the armament of the businessman, the tie is the most visibly distinctive touch of his outfit. Chosen with taste and care, it promotes the trust of his interlocutors, because as Balzac reminds us, "it is through his tie that the man is revealed and manifested ...". The new collection from THE NINES thus pays particular attention to offering the materials, colours and patterns that will be able to accompany you in all circumstances.

Discover a collection of dark ties with elegant colours and a matte finish, in a subtle selection of noble materials.

The Business Class collection combines classic tailoring with silk and wool blends or braided cashmere for a soft and downy effect.

The ties do not crease easily. They will accompany you wherever you go and will easily go with autumn, winter or spring outfits. Because discretion is a term closely associated with elegance, the new collection plays upon subtle and historical motifs.



Les chemises Classe Affaire

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Our new shirts collection is all about elegance. It makes use of cotton poplin that is solid and pleasant to touch, all in an elegant and comfortable outfit for everyday wear. Eager to offer something to suit all personality types, THE NINES continues to offer a range of shirts that are available with different collars, cuffs, colours and cuts. Thus you can find tailored or slim fit shirts with white and blue colours that easily go with all your business outfits.

THE NINES gives you the option to distinguish yourself as much by your cuffs as by your collars. We offer you double cuff shirts for a neat and thoughtful finish and a wide selection oo cufflinks that will really make you stand out from the crowd!

Poignets mousquetaire, boutons de manchette rosas

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In addition to classic collars, the new collection offers iconic collars synonymous with elegance and an imposing presence, made in the image of the tab collar and the "pin collar". One with a sub-tab, the other with a pin, these two collar types allow you to fix the collar as well as the tie that accompanies it, while lifting the tie to give a most elegant finish.

Chemise col anglais

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Perfection is found in the details, so your accessories are what gives your outfit the lift-off it deserves. And since every man must match his belt to his shoes, THE NINES offers reversible belts which can also be shortened – thus taking up just one storage space instead of two.

Enhance your arrival by wearing a pocket square, and vary the way you fold it to suit the occasion! Travel carefree and face the elements by using our tie clips to hold your tie firm in all circumstances.

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Express your enthusiasm and brighten up your outfit with our socks and knee-socks, available in many colours, to add refinement and joy to your outfits. For a complete wardrobe and a visit with no (bad) surprises, get one of our various boxed sets of socks in light or dark tones that easily match any outfit.

Semainier chaussettes bleues

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Leather goods

Practical and aesthetic, leather goods for men are no longer a dilemma: they suit the active and modern man for whom it is a real asset in professional and personal life to be well organised and save time.

Skip the registration box and go for take-off in the company of a leather bag from THE NINES in 48-hour format for a quick and comfortable journey.

Sac en cuir <strong>THE NINES</strong> 48H

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Be well organised and in order to find your cufflinks easily, keep them all together in a leather or lacquered wood case.

Coffret en cuir boutons de manchette

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Bearing in mind the importance of your ties, let them travel with you in a tie-case from THE NINES, just as you let your contracts travel in a briefcase from THE NINES.

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