Travel and imagination in the service of elegance

Both searching for a getaway, the founders of The Nines met during a trip to Sweden. Escape, through travel or the imagination, is at the heart of The Nines. It is a source of inspiration for creating new products and is an invitation to discover new materials and quality expertise..

La grande évasion

The Great Escape

Elegance and sobriety make good partners. However, what's duller than an overly sensible outfit... Make your escape! A man's dress code is very codified; we're thinking of both the constraints in place and the degrees of freedom it allows.

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Today's elegance respects the rules a little less strictly than in the past and contributes to the comfort of everyone. It allows modern men to affirm their personalities, their way of life and to act in everyday life. Always keeping in mind the codes of masculine elegance, we have taken the liberty of overtaking them, of bypassing them so as to offer you products with an audacious sense of style.

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The coloured tartan of Eilan Donan or the more discreet Prince de Galles de Caerphilly, Japanese Seigaiha or Gabonese bubinga are equally gateways between perfected elegance and unforgettable trips.

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Escape and travel are veritable sources of inspiration for our creations as well as a state of mind that we wish to pass on to you. Let yourself go by adding a personal touch to an elegant outfit and distance yourself a little from the dictates of classic fashion.

La grande évasion

... Imagination...

Who hasn't let their mind wander for two minutes during a never-ending meeting? Take a look at your cuffs and the scent of steel, petrol and rubber will bring you back: living the next lap of the race in a Ferrari 250 GTO. Two small yellow balls closing the cuffs of your dress shirt recall the sound of Roland Garros' shoes sliding on a clay court: who will be the next to win the Coupe des Mousquetaires?

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Weary of the noise of the urban jungle, you dream of nothing but tranquillity. A furtive glance at your wooden cufflinks will transport you to the forest: listen to the murmur of the vent blowing through the branches and the sound of birds in the springtime. The smallest of details can provoke an avalanche of sensations. We take malicious pleasure in trying to make them resurface, such as childhood memories.

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... In the service of elegance

Mother-of-pearl buttons from New Caledonia, Egyptian, Indian or South American cottons, Mongolian cashmere... the search for the finest of materials is a long journey. We have traversed Europe looking for workshops that possess faultless expertise, and who have been manufacturing ties, dress shirts or suits for several generations.

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This demand for quality materials and the trust relationship developed with our manufacturers allows us to offer products we are proud of and to satisfy the needs of the most discriminating of customers, in terms of style as well as quality. Our goal is to immerse you in our world by offering you an elegant wardrobe: always be "dressed up to the Nines", but never forget to leave your escape door open!

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