1 juillet 2021


24h avec la Chemise Cool & Move


Whether you chose a soft melody of birdsong or a military band, being woken up while dreaming of your yacht in the Caribbean is always difficult. Unless you're one of those people who jump out of bed before the alarm goes off, with a toothpaste ad smile, but do those people really exist? And how do they do it? Ordinary people, they need a good cup of coffee before they get going. There you are in your bathrobe, coffee in hand, staring blankly at the morning news when you glue yourself to the clock: it's 7:59! You finish your coffee in one go - hot - jump into the shower - 2 minutes on the clock - and start to put on your pants, socks and trousers - toothbrush in your mouth - when your gaze falls on your shirt: "It's not that wrinkled!", It's effortless to care for, just iron it and it's wrinkle-free. Saved! It's 8.13 am...


You're out of the house: 20°C, it's a beautiful day for September, autumn is just around the corner. To stay true to your good resolutions, you head for the bike shed, put on your helmet - safety first - and hop in the saddle! You start pedalling serenely, when, at the bottom of your street - pffft! - you puncture a tyre "Saperlipopette! Those damn pieces of broken glass everywhere...". First sweat, but you don't let it get you down, the bus stop is not far away. You are hanging your bike on the pole on the side of the road when you see your bus coming: a Forrest Gump-like sprint and you jump on the bus just before the doors close. You are close to tachycardia, your face is red and you have beads of sweat on your forehead when you see your reflection in the window of the bus: your shirt has stayed in place, tucked into your trousers, and you think to yourself, "Well, it has followed me well into this sporting day..." This freedom of movement is made possible thanks to the natural stretch offered by the ingenious blend of double-twisted cotton and COOLMAX® fibres. Comfortable, the Cool & Move shirt adapts to your movements and thus fits perfectly into an active lifestyle, where you are never safe from the unexpected.


When you arrive at the office, no one suspects that you've had a hot day on the way there: the quick-dry technology of your Cool & Move shirt has quickly dried your morning sweat. And it's all the better for it, as you start your day with the pitch for your next project: a few hours of presentations under the spotlight and hectic brainstorming sessions later, you stretch out for a long time and have a well-deserved coffee. Your Cool & Move shirt? It still looks great, just like when you put it this morning! Its natural and technical fabric gives it many advantages that are much appreciated on a busy day: breathable - it feels great on the skin - quick-dry - moisture is quickly wicked away - and stretchy - it follows your body's movements without creasing! Designed to do the same for years to come, your Cool & Move shirt is made in the same traditional and careful way as all our shirts: 7 stitches per centimetre English seams, reinforcement swallows at the side seams, cross-stitched real mother-of-pearl buttons and a last horizontal buttonhole.


Having a versatile shirt in terms of style is smart, especially when you don't know in advance what your day will be made of. It's even a great point that you didn't think about when your colleagues suggest an after work that wasn't really planned. But who cares, you know your shirt will hold up, and it won't bend when you do a few rough dance moves! The timeless style of the white shirt is just as suitable for a day at work as for a night on the town, with the added bonus of comfort. It's to the sounds of the Black Eyed Peas that you think, well, you might want to postpone it for Arthur's wedding next Saturday. It dries so quickly - you've seen the proof - that even if you decide to run a machine on Saturday morning, it will be impeccable, not too wrinkled and ready for the whole afternoon and of course, the evening! The eternal question remains: tie or bow tie ?

La Chemise Cool & Move

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