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Having fun, create something of our own - that was the innocent urge that guided us back in 2008 when we opened our first online shop, which we never thought would have such a future. The first few years of our adventure flew by: we made more websites, developed product ranges, opened boutiques in Paris, expanded our team, and then moved half of it to sunny Bordeaux.

But with the chaos of the 2020s, many questions arose for us about the future of our brand, the journey we had taken to get here, and why we were doing what we were doing. And we realized that the common thread at the beginning of our adventure, and in every new creation, has always been to do something we enjoy. For us, this desire, or rather the need to have a good time, is firmly linked to fashion, because it is first and foremost for life's special moments one wants to dress well for. Packing your suitcase for a summer vacation, picking out an outfit for your best friend's wedding, or taking the time to create your signature style - fashion should be fun! #goodstyleforgoodtimes

So we asked our team the same question: How do you define good times?

l'équipe The Nines

For me, good times are the small moments we spend alone or with others which simply make us happy. These can be normal situations in everyday life, as well as unusual and spontaneous moments that bring a smile to our faces.

l'équipe The Nines

Enjoying the sunday morning coffee on the terrace, meeting friends for an aperitif with wine (in moderation) and cheese (not in moderation), getting on the bike and going for a ride with the family - all this is part of my Good Times.

l'équipe The Nines

As a German living in France, I have come to know a whole new way to enjoy the good times of life: It starts with coffee breaks with colleagues, continues with lavish lunches, and ends with aperitifs in the evening, where I toast with a cold beer, of course!

l'équipe The Nines

Good times are simple moments that you share with others! With family, friends or colleagues, for example, over a good meal. For me, it's simply a matter of being together and sharing.

l'équipe The Nines

For me, "good times" are more a state of mind than a specific moment. It means appreciating and enjoying simple and everyday moments just as much as extraordinary encounters or situations. It also means taking the time in the first place to experience these moments with family, friends or yourself.

For me, good times are a completely improvised and spontaneous moment that fills your cup and pulls you out of your daily routine. It can be an aperitif with friends, dinner with your partner, lunch with your bestie, a last minute trip to the seaside....

l'équipe The Nines

For a time to become a good time, you need to spend it with the right people. Be it family or friends, sincere people you can rely on and laugh for hours without looking at the time. But also the surroundings play their part: Sunshine, good music and something to eat and we will definitely have a good time!

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