Designed in Paris and manufactured in Europe
Favouring short distribution channels
and honouring the traditional savoir-faire

1. Creation

Atelier quality at reasonable prices
Our collections are designed in Paris and manufactured in European family-run ateliers following the historical know-how of past generations. Since 2008, we have been looking for the craftsmen who posess the special savoir-faire that was once reserved for the largest luxury homes. Our privileged relations with these ateliers enable us to offer you high-quality elegant clothing at a reasonable price.

Behind the label of your clothes
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2. Engagement

Sustainable fashion
Respect for people, the environment and traditional craftsmanship are the basis of our creations. Trust and transparency are the key to the relationships we maintain within our team and with our customers and partners. The choice of environmentally friendly materials and processes allows us to combine the historical savoir-faire of our ateliers with the future of our planet.

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3. Innovation

The fashion industry of tomorrow
Fashion, as innovative, surprising and creative as it is, has a dark side called fast fashion. Overproduction, storage problems and unlimited discounts are some of its unwanted side effects, which are harmful to both the environment and the retail. One solution to this problem are pre-orders: the pieces are not only designed according to your wishes and needs, but are produced solely in the quantities requested.

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Essentiel accessories for the modern (gentle-)men

The basis of an elegant outfit is set with a high-quality shirt. On the other hand, it can become a little boring if it worn on its own. Cuff links, ties, bow ties: Sometimes you only need to change one of these accessories to achieve a radically different look with the same shirt. And if you add a pocket square or a lightweight scarf, the possibilities become almost endless. Do you feel a bit lost in the jungle of men's accessories or are you literally spoilt for choice? Take a look at our style guides at the bottom of the page: we'll show you how to select and match your accessories, avoid fashion faux pas and break style rules in a very elegant way.

The pocket square: styling tips and folding techniques >

Which shirt collar is made for you?

With the big variety of shirt collars it is almost impossible to make an exhaustive list of all the differten collar types. Moreover, every few years new or modified collar variations appear on the fashion runways. While some are easy to recognize, such as the reverse collar or the mandarin collar, others show only minimal differences. It's okay to not know every shirt collar, but you should know which type of collar suits your unique features or certain occasions best. For example, the small or club collar fits elongated face shapes well, while the tab or button-down collar fits round faces better. Now, if you want to learn more about shirt collars, you've come to the right place!

Everything you've every wanted to know about shirt collars:
The ultimate shirt collar guide >

You design your future staple pieces

Pieces available for pre-order

With your help, we worked together on the products that spiked the highest interest among you, finetuned the design and selected the best materials. Our atelier is now ready to start the production, the only thing missing is your pre-order. Please note that pre-orders are limited in time and quantity!

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Co-design your products

We want to design clothes and accessories you not only like to wear, but also meet a real need, so as not to burden our planet unnecessarily. Only you can help us with this: Take part in designing your future clothes and accessories by answering our short questionnaires.

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They talk
our creations

White club collar shirt

Fantastic looking and exactly as described online

Dylan H.

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Why The Nines? The Magnificent Seven, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Four Horsemen... the special sound of certain numbers and the meaning of the expression to be dressed up to the nines - to be dressed to perfection - immediately appealed to us.

Our adventure began in 2008, and although the team has steadily grown over the last 10 years, our ambition remains the same: to offer elegant menswear at a reasonable price without compromising on quality. From the very beginning, it was important for us to establish long-term relationships with European ateliers, which are distinguished by their traditional savoir faire passed down through generations. In order to give back a proper meaning to the textile craftsmanship of those ateliers, to put an end to the unnecessary waste of resources and to reinvolve the ultimately most important actor - you -, we decided in 2020 to stop developing seasonal collections. From now on, at The Nines you will find a permanent selection of our "essentials", accompanied by pre-orders, pieces you helped to design, and, of course, still the same high quality we have striven for since our beginnings.

As you might tell, we work passionately on our creations, sharing one same conviction: dressing well should not be a constraint, but always a pleasure!

The Sea Island shirt has the rarest cotton in the world: strong fiber, silky touch and unique brightness. Check it out!

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Badge pins, a male accessory to have in gentlemen's wardrobe! For all tastes...

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To dress like the Peaky Blinders in 2021 is a challenge! But thanks to The Nines it's possible.

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