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Striped shirt

The striped shirt is a classic in every man's wardrobe, and is available in all colours and different stripe widths. Striped shirts are particularly suited for a larger frame as they have a slimming effect.

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The history of stripes

In the Middle Ages, stripes were associated with the lower social class and with slightly more marginal occupations. From the 17th century onwards, the stripe became a pattern by appearing in other professional categories such as valets or soldiers. In the 19th century, it was democratised and made its way into the world of fashion and men's clothing. Today, it can be found in all forms.

The striped shirt is a classic in every man's wardrobe and comes in all colours and widths of stripes. Striped shirts have the advantage of elongating a shape and are particularly suitable for people who are slightly overweight. We therefore advise you to opt for a shirt with rather thin stripes if you want to slim down and lengthen your figure. Otherwise you can opt for shirts with larger stripes to give you a more relaxed look.

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A few stylistic tips

From a stylistic approach, striped shirts are not always easy to match. We are giving you some tips on how to put together the right look. If you choose to wear a striped shirt for a formal outfit you should opt for thin stripes on a light blue colour. Brighter colours such as red or pink are best for a more casual look.

Here are two examples of looks: to go to the office, wear a grey suit under which you will wear an inverted collar shirt with very fine white and sky blue stripes. To accessorise, choose a black leather belt and a pair of black leather shoes. Let's change the setting completely : you have to join your friends for lunch by the sea during the holidays. So slip in a pair of white Bermuda shorts, flip-flops or sneakers and slip into your best shirt with a white and red stripe collar, which you will wear loose over the Bermuda shorts.

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