Pin collar shirt - french elegance

Pin collar shirt

The pin collar shirt is a less common version of the tab collar shirt. The pin collar, reflecting masculine elegance par excellence.

The origin of pin collar

The pin collar was invented at the beginning of the 20th century, probably in United Kingdom and its name comes naturally from its pin. At that time, collars were still very stiff and a silk collar was simply too soft, so someone stuck a pin into the ends of the collar to hold it in place. This raises the tie and gives it a refined look.

The pin collar - a special collar

In USA, the pin collar is very popular, while it’s partially unknown in Europe. It’s therefore the perfect collar to surprise with style ! It expresses masculine elegance. It has two small topstitched openings through which the pin is inserted. The pin collar holds the tie in place and highlights the tie knot. In addition, the two sides of the neck always remain in place thanks to the pin.