White shirts - classic shirt

White shirt

You can wear it with any outfit. Whether with a tuxedo, with a suit or a more casual outfit, you do not risk a lapse of good taste.

The history of the white shirt

Common and omnipresent in the history of men's fashion, the white shirt has known different versions according to the times. White was, during the Victorian era, an outward sign of wealth and purity, but it also marked class distinction. The white symbolized cleanliness, frequent washing and therefore fortune. The white shirt was also an emblem of sobriety and uniformity within the British nobility. The First World War marked a turning point in its history: the white shirt adapted to more casual looks, even if it remained associated with social status.

During this period, it became linked to the hierarchical ranks with the appearance of the terms "white collar" (the equivalent of a qualified employee) and "blue collar" (synonymous with a worker). The end of the Second World War brought the arrival of synthetic fabrics and placed the notion of comfort at the centre of the textile world. The 1970s introduced new collars. An acceleration took place in the 1980s when the white shirt was no longer solely associated with wealth and social status. It enters the ready-to-wear stores we know today.

White shirt fabrics at The Nines

The Nines' white shirt is available in all collars and fabrics: in poplin but also in linen or organic oxford. The oxford shirt, named after the English city where it was created by a Flemish weaver, is soft and strong. Its weaving made from thicker yarns gives the white shirt a slight relief and gives it more character. The cotton used is organic: it respects the environment and the skin, thanks to its increased softness. The Nines also offers you the white poplin shirt, with a soft and finer double twisted fabric and a tight, very resistant and opaque weave.

We also offer you shirts more suitable for the summer seasons. The cotton and linen shirt allows the white yarns to be more visible. Linen gives it absorbent and thermoregulatory properties. Linen combined with cotton provides an interesting and modern play of texture. The luxurious range of sea island cotton shirts provides incomparable comfort, exceptional flexibility and a unique feel. Its rare cotton fibres are finer than those of standard cotton.

For a formal occasion

The white shirt is ideal for distinguished events. The Nines offers white shirts with different collars for this type of occasion. Our French collar shirt has a short and less open collar. For a ceremony, use the white shirt worn with a bow tie or a slim tie for example. The white pin-collar shirt, with its two top-stitched eyelets and a collar pin in them, reflects masculine elegance par excellence. Its pin will hold a perfect arch under the tie knot. Finally, the white cutaway collar shirt, with a very open collar, can be worn with a double knot tie for a very elegant outfit.

For a wedding, we recommend a white shirt with a round collar or a wing collar shirt. The round or club collar, combined with a white shirt, has a slightly retro look and a good fit. Its small rounded flaps will go perfectly with a small tie knot or a bow tie. Our French cuff shirts are the most dressed for an impeccable outfit. It will be suitable for wearing a bow tie or a ascots and will certainly make a sensation with the wedding guests.

For a casual occasion

The white shirt can also be very suitable for casual occasions. The white mandarin collar shirt is worn without accessories, which is practical and modern. Its collar is small and straight with a button that is often worn closed. It has no flap and can be worn with a cashmere sweater, a chino or even sneakers for a totally casual look! The white reverse collar shirt has an exclusively open collar. It combines simplicity and elegance, even on a casual outfit. Very popular, this small straight collar will have an amazing effect when you go out with friends. We also offer you more classic white shirts with collars. The button-down collar, more flexible, can be worn at the office or for relaxing moments. Less formal, it is ideal with jeans. The white small collar shirt has an opening similar to the standard collar but has shorter ends. Its softer collar can also allow you to wear the shirt ajar.