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Shark collar shirt

The shark collar is the most common collar style, with the widest spread; its points spread outwardly, separated roughly by 4 inches. This collar is meant to be worn with a larger tie knot and to be strengthened with collar stiffeners. This collar has been attributed to the Duke of Windsor. 

The characteristics of the shark collar shirt

The shark collar shirt is the essential of any man's wardrobe, it is the most versatile shirt with its slightly spread tips and its high collar. You can therefore wear the shark collar shirt with or without tie and bow tie accessory.

As a modern gentleman, you will appreciate the very popular shark collar shirt, since it matches perfectly with suits and business looks, the collar tips fall perfectly on the lapel of the jackets. But it is also suitable for more relaxed occasions. You can also wear the shark collar shirt with a suit jacket with large lapels.

By choosing the shark collar shirt, you will make the right choice in all circumstances, even if you want to wear it without a tie for a chic and casual style. The shark collar can also be worn open.

The ideal tie for the shark collar shirt

The opening of the collar of the shark collar shirt being pronounced, it is therefore preferable to accompany it with a tie of standard width and rather thick. This way, you can tie your tie with a double Windsor knot or an Onassis knot. We do not recommend slim ties for the shark collar shirt because their knots will probably be too small and may be too thin in relation to the width of the collar.

The shark collar shirt is a must in the men's locker wardrobe, especially because it is easy to wear for all events. However, it is not suitable for all faces. Men with elongated and narrow faces will appreciate this more flared collar. On the other hand, the shark collar shirt is not suitable for rounded faces since this collar accentuates this shape.

If you are attending a very formal event, we recommend that you wear a bow tie instead. You can thus accompany your shark collar shirt with a bow tie or already pre-tied bow tie according to your preferences. The bow tie provides a distinguished and refined effect to your ensemble.