Oxford shirt - timeless elegance

Oxford shirt

The Oxford shirt is a casual shirt. It is made with a fabric that was named after the small English town where it was first created by a Flemish weaver. Check out our wide range of Oxford shirts, available with different types of collars and in many colors!

The origin of the oxford shirt

The oxford shirt, named after the English city where it was created by a Flemish weaver, offers greater softness and strength. Its weaving with thicker yarns gives the shirt a grained texture that gives it a modern and refined look. Our oxford shirts are also available in organic cotton: healthier and softer for your skin but also respectful of the planet in the techniques used to grow it.

The special feature of Oxford weaving is that it combines two yarns of different colours, one of which is white. This thicker mat weaving is to be adopted for a more casual and relaxed style. It provides a durable and easy to clean jacket. Softer than popeline, Oxford weaving can be identified by its braided weave, the warp yarns are woven two by two. It is resistant and particularly suitable for sports clothing for example.

The different ways to wear the oxford shirt

The oxford shirt is accompanied by a casual outfit in general. Ideally, you can wear it in a Chinese with neutral or pastel colours: it will remind you of the spirit of polo, a sport in which Oxford weaving was often used. Under a darker-coloured sweater, the textured Oxford shirt with two open buttons and slightly protruding buttons will be perfect. For the 90's weekend look, opt for a fully open, colourful Oxford shirt and a plain T-shirt underneath.

Costume enthusiasts may disagree, but wearing an Oxford shirt with a suittie or bow tie is still an interesting concept. The textured Oxford will indeed contrast and break the formal and smooth appearance of the suit. You can go even further in contrast by accompanying your Oxford shirt with a rougher piece, such as a leather bomber, raw jeans or boots. The sophisticated and inspired winter outfit: a closed Oxford shirt with the first button open over a wool turtleneck. The thickness of the turtleneck will be reduced by bending the shirt. This will give you a bold outfit that will keep you warm!