Wing collar Shirts - French elegance

Wing collar shirt

A shirt with a wing collar is worn only on special occasions, such as ceremonies. This is the most elegant style of shirt and ensures your flawless appearance. The wing collar shirt with double cuffs combines well with either a bow tie or a plastron.

Wing collar shirt for special occasions

The wing collar shirt is a shirt with a rather short and straight collar with horizontally folded ends. These triangular ends form a very pronounced and rigid flap on the collar, which is why it is called a "wing collar". This type of shirt is worn for special occasions, ceremonies, social dinners or weddings. It is very elegant and has only rarely left the wardrobe. It is not necessary to have a whole collection but get some with a very good quality like double twisted fabric in order to be at the top of elegance during a solemn event.

This shirt experienced its glory period at the beginning of the 20th century, during the golden era of formal men's clothing. We all see this collar worn by high society men in the 1920s, usually with a glass of brandy and a cigar. However, this collar has gradually lost its popularity with the arrival of more comfortable folded collars. That said, this change in our clothing habits has not consigned the wing collar to oblivion: it remains a classic to be associated with the most formal occasions.

What to wear with a wing collar shirt?

Reserved only for special occasions, it was not long ago necessary to wear it with a smoking or a tail coat. Now, it can be combined with a three-piece suit. You can choose a black silk bow tie and fold the ends behind it. If you wish, you can also wear an ascot for a more retro effect.

If you are invited to an event where chic is the rule, you should consider wearing the wing collar shirt. The reverse collar is more associated with the business and casual shirt, while the more formal wing collar is associated with the evening and wedding shirts. The reverse collar over a suit is elegant, but the wing collar will increase this elegance tenfold so that guests only look at you! You can also adopt this shirt at a wedding if it is very solemn, you will undoubtedly receive many compliments.