Flannel Shirt - made in Europe

Flannel Shirt

Our cotton flannel goes with you in winter - but not only! Fine and soft, in a casual chic, in workwear or in a formal look: the flannel shirt is much more versatile than you might have thought!

A robust fabric against the cold...

A robust fabric against the cold... The flannel shirt was made in Wales at the end of the 17th century. The word flannel, whales in Welsh, also means wool. Historically made of thick carded wool, it was used by workers to protect against the cold and rainy climate on the British Isles. Today these shirts are mainly made of cotton flannel, thinner but still very warming.

Our flannel comes from an Italian company specialising in the production of high quality fabrics. To achieve this, the cotton is first combed to obtain only the best and longest fibres. After spinning and weaving, the cotton is scraped and shredded to obtain this famous soft and warm flannel texture.

Cotton is therefore processed and thus given many properties such as thermal insulation. The scraped fabric is warm by nature and you will feel this as soon as you put on your shirt. It also resists rain better than a cotton poplin shirt.

The European shirt is manufactured in a workshop known for its shirt quality. This allows us to offer you beautiful finishes as usual, such as mother-of-pearl buttons sewn on in cross-stitch and the reinforced hem of the side seams on the underside of the shirt.

A versatile, wearable shirt - for the whole year

A versatile, wearable shirt - for the whole year At The Nines the flannel shirt is available with different collars and in various colours. For the classic, choose the grey shirt with French collar, which you can wear both in your leisure time and elegantly with a navy blue suit, creating contrasts in the materials.

For lovers of the reverse collar, discover the grey shirt with a discreetly elegant houndstooth pattern. If you prefer white, take a look at our white small reverse collar shirt in combed yarn. The twill weave and peach skin effect fabric are close to the flannel and the inverted collar gives it an original look.

The band collar shirt is also available in light blue flannel. This casual shirt is ideal for layering*, open over a white T-shirt and in winter in a workwear outfit with a workwear jacket, for an adventurous look. For more boldness, this or the mandarin collar shirt can be worn with a jacket or suit to break formal codes and still stay elegant.

As you can see, the flannel shirt is a hybrid shirt, not just workwear or a woodcutter's shirt. It's up to you!

*Overlay several layers of clothing and make them visible to create a contrast of colors and materials.