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Popelin shirt

The poplin shirt is the most popular dress shirt and is valued for the softness and the refinement of its weave. The poplin shirt is made with a very tight weave which is achieved by using twice as many warp threads as weft threads per square centimeter.

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The history of Poplin

In the 15th century, the word poplin was derived from the French word papelaine, a fabric made of a mixture of silk and wool. It was used to make winter clothing because the fabric was both strong and soft. Papeline, however, was originally derived from the word papelino, a silk or wool fabric made in Avignon. It was used to make clothes for the Pope.

At that time, poplin was still considered a dense textile made of wool and silk, but nowadays the term refers to weaving. The poplin is therefore not linked to any particular thread.

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Poplin manufacturing

Poplin is a certain type of weaving in which the thin warp yarn is tightly woven and the thicker weft yarn is loosely woven. About twice as many warp yarns are used as weft yarns, making the fabric particularly resistant to wear, while remaining soft and thin.

The fabric is light, soft and easy to clean. These properties make the fabric essential, especially for shirts, because the fabric remains comfortable even during a long working day. The poplin shirt is nowadays the most common shirt, and is appreciated for its softness and the finesse of its weaving.

Some style tips

The lightness of poplin allows you to wear it for many occasions. A nice white poplin shirt for work will give you an elegant and refined look. A grenadine silk tie will look good on a poplin shirt in the colour of your choice.

The majority of our shirts are made of double-twisted poplin. This means that we have a wide range of poplin shirts with different collars. You can vary your style or at least your look by choosing the collar that suits you. Whatever you choose, you will be elegant, refined and feel light thanks to the poplin.

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