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Stand-up collar shirt

Our collection of straight-collared shirts can be worn without a tie: modern and practical.

Stand-up collar shirts - Modern & functional

Discover our collection of shirt collars. You'll find a wide range of shirt collars, from classic ones to more modern and original ones !

Stand- up collar: Your ally for effortless elegance ?

Are you looking for elegance that fits naturally into your everyday life? Explore the subtle sophistication of the stand-up collar, a distinctive feature of our shirts. Imbuing every outfit with a sleek modernity, the stand-up collar offers the perfect balance between contemporary allure and timeless elegance. Refined in its simplicity, it's the perfect ally for effortless elegance.

Imagine yourself, ready to face each day with confidence, the stand-up collar underlining your style with remarkable subtlety. It's not just a sartorial detail, but a statement of understated sophistication. Wear the stand-up collar and discover how every move becomes an expression of your distinguished taste. Elegance shouldn't require effort, it should simply be there. With our stand-up collar shirts, that's exactly what you get: effortless elegance that transcends passing trends.

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Style advice: Make a statement with a stand-up collar

When it comes to style, every detail counts. Opt for uncompromising elegance with our stand-up collar shirts, a true statement of sophistication. Whether you're looking for a business suit or a casual look, the straight collar creates a refined base, allowing your personal style to shine through. For a formal touch, imagine perfect harmony with a wool summer suit. The white poplin stand-up collar shirt strikes a balance between tradition and modernity, adding a note of distinction to your professional look. If you're feeling more casual, pair the stand-up collar with a well-tailored chino. Choose a grey mottled linen shirt with a beige chino of your choice. This combination exudes casual elegance, asserting your personal style with confidence. Explore the endless possibilities offered by a well-chosen stand-up collar and breathe new life into your wardrobe, whether in the professional world or on more casual occasions.