Mandarin collar shirt - Traditional manufacturing

Mandarin collar shirt

The mandarin collar is part of the short stand-up collars and originates from Asia, as its name indicates. Minimalist and modern, this collar is strictly worn without any neck or bow ties, giving off an elegant nonchalance.

The first steps of the Mao collar shirt

The Mandarin collar originates from Chinese women's clothing, generally silk with floral motifs, called "qipao" and worn by the king's courtesans. Towards the beginning of the 20th century, this traditional dress became the symbol of the Republic of China. Its split collar is the one later known as the "Mandarin collar ».

Why Mandarin? It was when Mao Zedong came to power that he decided to ban these women's clothing because for him it represented the apology of capitalism. He wanted the Communist Republic of China to be represented by the blue collar workers. Nevertheless, it was he who made this collar known during his public appearances as a military officer. This straight collar goes up along the neck and does not make folds.

The Mao collar shirt in the 21st century

The main characteristic of the Mandarin collar shirt is, of course, its straight collar, whose rounded tips do not generally come into contact, unlike the reverse collar shirt. The latter starts at the base of the neck and rises 2 to 5 centimeters depending on the model. The Mandarin collar shirt brings an ethnic aspect to a casual outfit. However, this collar can also be worn for more sophisticated occasions with formal pieces since it is worked, original and elegant. You can wear a leather belt or a cognac belt with this collar and put on a pair of derby shoes!

Its unique shape means it cannot be worn with a tie, so it is best worn for occasions when a formal dress code is not required. You can still wear a Mandarin collar shirt with a classic suit to add a creative touch to your outfit. This type of shirt is also perfect for the summer seasons. Indeed, they are often made from aerated materials such as linen or cotton in light colours such as grey or white.