Tuxedo shirt pleated front wing collar

Tuxedo shirt

The tuxedo shirt is the guarantee to fit into the decor of ceremonies or very special occasions without going unnoticed. With or with no jacket, you will be sure to make a great impression!

Which shirt to wear with a tuxedo?

Let's take a look back a few decades: the tuxedo as we know it was created in England in the 1850s. The high society used to wear it on their way to the smoking room after dinner. The reason? The tuxedo protected their clothes from the smell of cigarette smoke! Later on, the tuxedo became the outfit to wear during major events. And for good reason, it always makes its small effect for the one who wears it. The tuxedo has become a real sophisticated outfit in its own way. It generally consists of several elements where every detail has its place, from the choice of clothes to the diverse accessories that comes with it.

The tuxedo is the symbol of elegance, which means you don't just put on any shirt to compose this great classic! In order to respect a certain harmony in your outfit, the collar that you will choose has its importance. The tuxedo shirt is a shirt with pleated front wing collar and small french cuff that has some distinctive features since it is not accessorized in a random way. You will not be able, for example, to wear a tie with only a bow tie or an ascot tie. Opt for a bow tie if you don't want to hide the pleated front of the shirt, which could be the case with an ascot tie. It is also a good idea to choose it with french cuffs, which would allow you to pick cufflinks that reflect your personality. Cufflinks can even give you a touch of rock, originality, a different twist or a more refined look, depending on your choice! We also advise you to let the sleeves of the shirt protrude a few millimeters from your jacket.

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How to wear a tuxedo shirt?

Wearing a tuxedo is not something we choose to do on a daily basis and we don't often get the opportunity to do so. When the occasion occurs, we do not neglect the composition of our outfit, to be as elegant and harmonious as possible. The tuxedo shirt with a wing collar and a front pleated front (a rectangular piece of pleated fabric) is always worn white. Its wing collar is a straight collar to highlight the bow tie or ascot tie that you selected. Generally, on the shirt with a wing collar, the 4 buttons at the top (except the last one) are made of studs, small removable silver and black buttons. The intention is to make a reminder of color / shape / material with the cufflinks. So, feel free to match your cufflinks with these studs!

Now let's imagine you are invited to a party where the dress code theme makes you think of wearing a tuxedo (Peaky Blinders, vintage, gentleman, secret agent, etc). We suggest you wear a black tuxedo (because you can never go wrong by choosing this timeless and elegant color). For a change, a gray tuxedo or with houndstooth patterns is a great alternative! As for the pants, we will also choose black or in accordance with the color and patterns of the jacket. Prefer a straight cut and high waist to lengthen your silhouette. To perfect your outfit, it is better not to wear a belt with tuxedo pants but a cummerbund (a horizontally pleated strip of fabric) that you will wear around your waist. This one will make the transition between your pants and your white shirt. The last two remaining details missing from the outfit, and not the least, are the cufflinks and the shoes! For the cufflinks, we suggest a simple, round and black model, related to the buttons of the shirt, but nothing stops you to play your creative side. As for the shoes, a pair of black lacquered moccasins will sublimate your outfit with refinement.