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The Nines offers you a wide range of fabrics and patterns. The white or blue poplin shirt is a must for the wardrobe. The yarn-in-yarn shirt is very similar to the poplin shirt, but two-coloured yarns are used for sewing.




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Shirt fabrics - made in Europe

The Nines is a specialist in shirts. Discover the different fabrics and patterns offered below:

The poplin shirt

Poplin is originally a fabric made from a mixture of silk and wool, which is soft and pleasant to wear. Nowadays, the word poplin does not refer to the composition of the fabric but to the weave, because poplin is a weave. We explain all the secrets and special features of this weave.

> Poplin shirt

The flannel shirt

Our cotton flannel shirts are known for their softness and lightness. They can accompany you during winter thanks to the thermal insulation that naturally keeps you warm. Our flannel comes from an Italian company specialised in the manufacture of high quality fabrics.

> Flannel shirt

Chemise flanelle

The oxford shirt

Our oxford shirts are known for their strength and softness. The thicker thread weave gives our shirts a grained texture that gives them a modern look. The oxford shirt often accompanies a more casual style and a relaxed outfit.

> Oxford shirt

The linen shirt

The linen shirt is your best friend during the summer season, light and elegant, it will give you a fresh look. Linen is soft and pleasant to the touch, it also has thermoregulatory capacities. For a chic and casual look, slip on a linen shirt and you won't make any mistakes.

> Linen shirt

The striped shirt

The striped shirt is a classic in the men's wardrobe, as it brings elegance and originality to an outfit. Stripes are also known to slim thicker figures. There are shirts with wide stripes and others with thinner stripes. If you want to slim down your figure, choose thinner stripes and if you want a casual look, wide stripes will be perfect.

> Striped shirt

The denim chambray shirt

Timeless, the denim chambray shirt is a must-have for casual chic looks. Chambray is a fabric with a natural indigo colour. The denim chambray shirt is ideal for your summer days. Our shirts are made with an Italian chambray from the Albini mill, a pledge of quality.

> Denim chambray shirt

The twill shirt

Twill is above all a weaving technique, easily distinguishable to the naked eye by its diagonal shapes. This weaving technique allows the colours to stand out and brings light to the fabric. Twill shirts are popular because they are known to be dressy, have a good fit and are easy to care of. Find out more about the benefits of this shirt and our style tips.

> Twill shirt

The houndstooth shirt

Originating in Scotland, the houndstooth pattern, which was originally invented to dress Scottish shepherds, is an iconic and timeless pattern in men's wardrobes. Our houndstooth shirts will make you stand out with ease.

> Houndstooth shirt

Chemise pied de poule

The quick dry shirt

At first glance, our breathable shirt looks like an ordinary white shirt from your everyday life. However, with our breathable shirt, whether you're on the subway, bus or bike, you can get to work without worrying about a halo appearing. Elegant, pleasant and ingenious, this is the shirt which every man of action dreams of !

Quick dry shirt

The wrinkle resistant shirt

Farewell to the iron ! Yes, it is possible, we offer you a wrinkle-free and 100% natural shirt. This is not a cardboard shirt, it is soft, flexible and pleasant to the touch. On the surface it may seems ordinary, but it is nothing of the sort, it has numerous advantages that we will explain to you.

> Wrinkle resistant shirt

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