Premium white shark collar shirt with french cuffs
Limited edition

Premium white shark collar shirt with french cuffs

The perfect white shirt for special occasions

  • Weave: twill 100 % cotton
  • Thread count: 140/2 (extra-fine two-ply)
  • Weight: 110 g/m2
  • Woven by the legendary English weaver Thomas Mason
  • Shark collar with French placket and visible buttons
  • French cuffs
  • Traditional European production
  • Careful finishing: French seams with 7 stitches per cm, reinforced hem gussets, stainless steel collar stays, cross-stitched mother-of-pearl look-a-like buttons made of eco-friendly plant resin, final horizontal buttonhole
Size :
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129 €

100% cotton
Made in Europe
French seams, 7 stitches per centimeter
Eco-friendly plant resin buttons in mother-of-pearl look, cross-stitched
Hem gussets
French placket
Stainless steel collar stays
French cuffs: 60 mm
Shark collar. Collar stand 40 mm. Lenght collar points: 75 mm.

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Know more

perfect white dress shirt

The key piece of the men's wardrobe

Draw me a perfect white shirt

If we asked you to draw us a perfect white shirt, what would it look like? Surely you would focus on the visible aspects, the collar, the cuffs and the placket. Besides, your perfect white shirt would probably look quite different from your neighbor's, wouldn't it? We also regularly give ourselves to the task, but when doing so, in addition to the visible, we also focus on what you can't (or can't immediately) see: the tailoring. With great care and attention to detail worthy of bespoke tailoring, our manufacturer knows how to turn our designs into reality. But what inspires our designs above all is the basis of a perfect shirt, its fabric. And every now and then, it happens that we come across a truly exceptional fabric that stands out from all the other and for which we are willing to dig deep into our pockets....

The white shirt for everyone and every occasion

The perfect white shirt, the ideal dress shirt, the super elegant shirt - this shirt blew us away so much that we couldn't decide on a single name. At first glance, it looks like a classic white shirt: a shark collar that suits any face shape and allows absolute freedom in your choice of accessories, a French placket and French cuffs for that extra elegance. But the feel and drape of this shirt is absolutely nothing like an ordinary white shirt, and there's a reason for that: the exceptionally fine twill weave from the Hampton collection by Thomas Mason.

white dress shirt

Good style for good times

This shirt is the formal shirt for those who don't dare to wear the wing collar, it is also the wedding shirt for the groom who is looking for an exceptional garment for his big day, and it is also the business shirt for the one who simply loves beautiful things. In short, it is the timeless and elegant white dress shirt for all (big) occasions.

An exceptional fabric by Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason, the English weaving icon

200 years of fabric wisdom

If you're looking for a high-quality shirt, you're bound to be interested in the fabric it's made from. And when it comes to high-quality shirting fabrics, there's one particular name you should know: may we present the British weaving mill Thomas Mason, which was acquired by the Italian Albini Group. Founded in 1796 by Sir Thomas Mason himself, the company is now known worldwide for its timeless and elegant style with a touch of British eccentricity. From wrinkle-free mini twill to fluffy flannel, we've already designed several beautiful shirts in Thomas Mason fabrics. But the exceptional fabric of the Hampton collection this shirt is made of, usually reserved for bespoke tailoring, puts all previous creations in the shadow.

Want to know more about the story of this emblematic English weaver? We have dedicated a separate blog article to him.

Thread count and ply, the key elements for a high quality shirt

140/2 Egyptian cotton twill weave

Do you know, besides the reputation of its weaver, how to recognize the quality of a shirt fabric? By the thread count and the ply. The former refers to the fineness of the yarn in relation to length/weight. The ply simply refers to how many yarns are twisted together to make a single thread. It is said that the larger the index, the finer and therefore higher quality the fabric.

The twill weave of this shirt has a thread count of 140/2, which means it is a very fine yet solid two-ply fabric, hence the "2". For comparison, a lower-end ready-to-wear shirt usually has a thread count of 60 to 80s. Generally, a fabric is considered high quality when its thread count is 100s or more. But be careful: more does not always mean better, because over 160s the fabric is very soft, but also very creaseable and delicate.

Thomas Mason Hampton

How to wear the white shirt?

The essence of the white shirt is that it is timelessly elegant and infinitely adaptable. We wanted to make this white shirt a touch more elegant and formal, to do justice to its exceptional fabric. That's why we opted for French cuffs. The classic duo of a shark collar and French placket gives you the freedom to choose your accessories to suit your mood or occasion: A business event? Choose a tie in grenadine silk. A wedding? Reach for a pre-tied bow tie. A party with a relaxed dress code? Take neither tie nor bow tie, but simply unbutton the top button. And for the rest of the outfit, anything from a tuxedo to a suit to chinos is possible.

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  • premium business shirt
  • formal shirt

The quality of traditional european manufacture

Made with love for a traditional craft

Our shirts are made with the utmost care in our shirt atelier near the Moldovan border. Since 2016, we have entrusted the realisation of our designs to this atelier, which is ISO 9001 and OEKO-TEX SteP certified and has passed on its centuries-old expertise for generations.

The quality pledge of our shirts

As with all our other shirts, quality workmanship is paramount, so that you can enjoy your new garment for years to come. This includes:

- Solid French seams with 7 stitches per cm
- Hem gussets reinforcing the side seams
Stainless steel collar stays
- Eco-friendly mother-of-pearl lookalike buttons made of vegetal resin, cross-stitched
- And a final horizontal buttonhole to avoid unwanted openings

european manufacture

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