19 octobre 2020

Thomas Mason : exceptional fabrics


The fashion universe is a vast place for those who dare to get lost in it. Among the large variety of fabric manufacturers, the weaver Thomas Mason from the Albini Group is one of the best in the world. We are lucky enough to have been working for several years with this renowned Italian house with eccentric British influences. In this way, we have been able to introduce you to many shirts from their outstanding fabric ranges. Join us on a journey through the history of this house of unparalleled savoir-faire.

A historical background


We set up in Lancashire, England 1796. The industrial revolution was in full bloom when the weaver Sir Thomas Mason founded one of the first cotton fabric companies to produce shirts designed for the aristocracy during this period. For almost a century, the company's reputation grew and quickly conquered the whole globe: Thomas Mason became a major pillar of masculine elegance.

During the First World War, Thomas Mason's factory contributed to the development of a fabric treatment revolutionary at the time: a process that made cotton waterproof and fireproof suitable for the aircraft pilots of the Great War.

Thomas Mason became the exclusive supplier for Turnbull & Asser, a leading specialist in premium and custom-made shirts, but above all, a supplier of shirts to the British royal family. A consecration at the height of the company's ambition. But the company took a different turn by moving away from this traditional English image, adopting more modernity and choice in the 1960s. A wind of color, creativity and renewal - straight from the Beatles' inspirations - invades masculine fashion. Eccentric patterns and colors become the new playground for Thomas Mason fabrics.

Joining the Albini Group


In 1992, Thomas Mason joined the Italian Albini Group, which is recognized worldwide for the quality of textile fabrics. Founded in 1876, Albini is a family firm located in Bergamo, Italy. Thomas Mason thus becomes Italian, but does not forget his British roots. His entrance at Albini has undoubtedly marked the importance of his savoir-faire among the greatest weavers in Europe and even the world.

The unfailing creativity reflected in the making of its fabrics is a testimony to its historical past and its expertise which remains unchanged today. Thomas Mason and the Albini Group are among the world's leading manufacturers of shirt fabrics: their success is certainly linked to constant innovation and flawless quality of workmanship.

The use of high quality raw materials, such as high-quality cotton varieties - organic, Egyptian cotton, Sea Island - or others such as hemp, linen or wool, has contributed to its success.

Innovation at the core of the reflection


At The Nines, we have been able to create shirts made of Thomas Mason fabric. But we hadn't yet taken the step of a shirt that would stand out with the capabilities of a special fabric with dynamic properties... Until we launched the pre-order of the wrinkle free shirt this early October. This shirt - which comes in a variety of collars, patterns and colors - is made from the Journey by Thomas Mason fabric. This superior cotton material is treated with an anti-wrinkle process developed by the iconic company that respects both people and the environment. Combining an irreproachable quality of cotton and a non-aggressive treatment that "relaxes" the cotton, ironing the shirt becomes child's play. Because yes, even if the innovation is at the cutting edge, it will still require a little bit of maintenance for this easy to iron shirt: Thomas Mason has not yet found the magic potion to completely get rid of this annoying task while preserving the beauty of a 100% natural shirt!

After all, you will certainly understand why we are pleased to be able to work with materials and fabrics from Thomas Mason. Our values and ambitions go hand in hand with theirs: elegance, intemporality, innovation and quality. Not forgetting, of course, the passion for a modern, masculine and "pulled to The Nines" men's wardrobe.

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