French cuff shirts

A shirt with French cuffs is a must if you want to wear cufflinks. What's so special about it? Its long sleeves and lack of buttons.




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French cuff shirts - how to wear them

The double cuff shirt in a few words

The double cuff shirt has different cuffs from the simple cuffs that close with classic buttons. Double cuffs are rather rigid cuffs with reverses that close with cufflinks to be inserted into top-stitched buttonholes. The reverse (or flap) gives volume to the wrists and a certain presence.

This type of cuff is made so that it protrudes slightly from the sleeve of the jacket to allow the chosen cufflinks to be seen without being too ostentatious. You can thus bring out your personality with finesse and sobriety.

Choose this type of shirt for special occasions: when you need to look even more elegant than with a button cuff shirt. Then you will have to determine the collar and fabric of your shirt: classic shark collar, elegant button-down collar with comfortable poplin or an oxford which will give texture to the shirt.

Our advice for wearing the musketeer shirt properly

The shirt with double cuffs is very versatile. It will be perfect for formal occasions, such as a ceremony or in a professional context to add a touch of elegance to your business outfit.

More «dresses up to the Nines» than with a shirt with simple cuffs, the double cuff shirt will perfectly suit a three-piece smoking or suit and will ideally match your bow tie or tie. And of course cufflinks depending on your mood and context.

Cufflinks are available for absolutely any occasion. They can be of any shape: square, round, rectangular. Made from wood, solid silver or semi-precious stones, they will allow you to highlight your sense of style and your favorite areas according to the theme you choose: your profession, your hobby, a place you love and even your children's names or a date thanks to personalized cufflinks.

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