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Wedding shirts

Big day getting closer ? Don’t wait anymore ! The Nines took care of sorting out the shirts that wonderfully unite to any kind of wedding suit. You may opt for an Italian collar, club collar or wing collar depending on the wedding you will attend. This will allow you to wear a tie or a bowtie according to your preferences.

The characteristics of the wedding shirt

The Nines advises you on specific collars to make sure you look perfect on your wedding day. The ideal wedding shirt depends on the accessory you want to combine. The shark, cutaway or tab collar are suitable for wearing a tie. The French or round collar are to be preferred with a pre-tied bow tie. If you tie your bow tie, wear a wing collar shirt. At the forefront of elegance, it will go with your most beautiful tuxedos and costumes.

The wedding shirt is also defined as a shirt with a refined and sober fabric. We recommend that you wear a white poplin shirt. The fineness of its double twisted weave offers more comfort, resistance and wrinkles less easily. The twill shirt is also suitable, in addition to being difficult to wrinkle. In case you attend an exotic wedding or in the middle of summer, we advise you to wear wedding shirts with airy fabrics such as linen or honeycomb: these are natural fibres that offer softness, comfort and suppleness.

The wedding shirt, solid, sober and with a rather rigid collar, is generally a french cuff shirt. The double cuff shirt allows you to bring out your personality with cufflinks of your choice. The Nines offers a wide variety of cufflinks that can represent your hobbies, profession, favourite sport, favourite car but also customizable cufflinks where you can engrave a date or first names for example. Choose a hidden throat shirt, with hidden buttons, for a wedding.

Our advice to match your wedding shirt

Adapt your collar to your body shape and neck size. If you have a rather short neck, choose a low collar. On the contrary, if you have a rather long neck, opt for a high collar! In addition, the cut and size of your wedding shirt must be carefully chosen so that they are perfectly adapted to your morphology and to obtain an elegant look. Make sure your wedding shirt is long enough to fit into your pants and stay there all evening.

Wedding shirts are traditionally in lighter shades such as white, ivory or sky blue. However, the colour to choose for your wedding shirt will depend on the wedding theme and the dominant colours. To keep your outfit chic and distinguished, keep it simple and try to limit yourself to a maximum of three colours. Traditionally, the ivory shirt is particularly suitable for weddings as it is slightly darker than the bride's dress. You can combine it with a brown or anthracite grey suit.

The important thing is to keep it simple and simple in order to be as elegant as possible and for your wedding shirt to stand out and embellish your wedding suit. Pull the sleeves of your wedding shirt out of your jacket one to two centimeters so that your guests can admire the beautiful cufflinks you have carefully chosen. Our most important advice: try your wedding shirt several times before the wedding day and let yourself be tempted by the one that suits you best!