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To ensure you're always at the pinnacle of elegance, The Nines offers a large range of shirts that are made in Europe and available in a selection of high-end fabrics. Our models come in 3 cuts to fit your body perfectly and in a large selection of classic or contemporary collars that can be adapted to suit your face.

The Nines dress shirts: an invitation to travel

Whatever the reason may be for a man to wear a shirt, whether in a professional context, for a special occasion or just to look elegant in everyday life, the most important thing is that he feels good in what he wears. The Nines offers a wide collection of quality, comfortable shirts in various sizes and colours, which combine both style and elegance. The Nines' men's shirt is a veritable invitation to explore our brand's world... Immerse yourself in the world of shirts!

A journey between French style and European expertise

In order to offer you uncompromising quality, our shirts are crafted from high-quality fabrics and sewn in workshops where craftsmanship is not a matter of question, but a fact. Our men's shirts contain the same properties as luxury dress shirts, thanks to the particular attention shown to the smallest details, at a price that we consider reasonable.

A journey through time: from ancient craftsmanship to modern, tailored cuts

Our shirts combine ancient craftsmanship and more modern cuts and collars. Our slim fit shirt has a very tailored cut which hugs the body and gives you a very youthful look. In order to refine the modern look, an reverse collar shirt or a stand-up collar shirt sport two types of collars that are especially appreciated in a less conventional context. On the other hand, for those who want a modern look while at the same maintaining a classic touch, the cutaway collar shirt will suit any occasion.

An imaginary journey: being comfortable and carefree in one's dress shirt

The fabrics used in the creation of our shirts have been very carefully chosen in order to offer you high-quality materials. Thus, whether you choose to wear a blue shirt or a white shirt, the fabric will be just as comfortable. It is the quality of our fabrics that allows our shirts to be both easy-to-wear and elegant. Comfort is essential for The Nines, since it allows any man to feel good and at ease in what he wears. It is possible to add a personal touch to our shirts: by choosing double-cuff shirt models, you can immerse yourself in your own world by adding your choice of cufflinks.